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Qingdao, October 22 (correspondent Wang Hongjun of song Bohong) in the past 70 years, Qingdao's environmental sanitation industry has been undergoing changes and leaps from three major items to three modernizations. At present, there are 5568 road cleaning vehicles and equipment in Qingdao. The mechanized cleaning rate of main roads is 100% and that of secondary roads is 99%. 114 provincial "deep cleaning demonstration roads" have been created

after the founding of new China, the street cleaning of the cleaning team followed the previous methods. The street cleaners were mixed in shifts and motorized. The street cleaners used "brooms, shovels, and rickshaws" as the main tools to clean the main traffic roads, bustling commercial streets, scenic tourist routes, and health care areas, a total of 65 streets, with a cleaning area of about 510000 square meters; Due to the gradual tarnishing of urban roads and the long-term shortage of fresh water resources, street sweeping is generally not watered

in October 1964, the Municipal Health Bureau set up environmental sanitation and cleaning service teams for the five districts in the city, cleaning and cleaning 99 streets, and the first-class road surface should reach "six no, three clean and one less" (there is no ponding, no soil, no sporadic garbage, no melon peel, core and paper debris, no dust, no horse dung; the rain bucket is clean, the waste bin is clean, the cleaning vehicle tools are clean; there is little sputum)

at the beginning of 1981, the municipal environmental health administration set up a professional street cleaning team owned by the whole people, which is responsible for the cleaning and cleaning of the main roads and sanatorium in the urban area, cleaning about 1.64 million square meters of the road surface, and implementing the "five fixed and one package" (quantitative, qualitative, personnel, film, fixed time, contract to the operation group) post system; One 130 type vacuum cleaner was purchased, and the combination of manpower and machinery was tried out in some streets to clean and keep clean

in 1983, Qingdao's environmental sanitation industry was equipped with the first road mechanical cleaning vehicle, and mechanized cleaning such as sprinkler, road sweeper and dust collector was implemented on a small number of roads. In 1995, Qingdao was founded as a national sanitary city. Road Mechanical sweepers and sprinklers were valued and increased year by year. A large number of them began to enter the environmental sanitation industry. The urban road cleaning area was 8.97 million square meters

in recent years, China has continuously strengthened its research on the R & D and utilization of graphene. The main and secondary roads in Qingdao have been cleaned mechanically, supplemented by watering to reduce dust and temperature. 25 mechanical cleaning vehicles and 17 sprinkler vehicles are equipped. Seven of them have prepared more than 1500 cleaning roads for the environmental sanitation department of a single component or two-component waterproof material area, with a total area of 25.03 million square meters. The operation system implements two-day general cleaning, Patrol and clean all day, and work in uniform

at present, there are 5568 road cleaning vehicles and equipment in the city, the mechanized cleaning rate of main roads is 100%, and if you don't participate in this time, 99% of the secondary roads. There are 2620 cleaning roads with an area of 88.49 million square meters, which are 40 times and 173.5 times that of 70 years ago, respectively. Roads above the second level with conditions are mechanically cleaned twice a day and washed (watered) once a day, and 114 provincial "deep cleaning demonstration roads" are created, The leap forward development of "mechanization, standardization and refinement" has been realized

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