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The old factory building turns into an environmental protection park, new low-carbon promotes the new economy

the old factory building with red walls, the new scene of green trees, and the new welcome of Shanghai international energy conservation and environmental protection park with R & D offices, trading markets, exhibitions and other platforms. It is hard to imagine that this was once the original residence of Shanghai ferroalloy factory, a major energy consuming and polluting enterprise in Shanghai

on November 4, leaders, guests and media at home and abroad who pay attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, reducing energy consumption and generating benefits gathered in the Shanghai international energy conservation and environmental protection park to share their experience and seek common development on the platform of "2009 China International Energy Conservation and environmental protection Forum - the financial crisis heats up the low-carbon economy"

better city, better life

GU Xingquan, executive vice minister of the forum Department of the ICIF, delivered the opening speech. By emphasizing the Expo theme "Better City, better life" in both Chinese and English, Gu Xingquan hoped that this forum would add color to the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo

Lvminyuan, Secretary of the district Party committee of Baoshan District People's government, extended a warm welcome to the guests participating in the Forum on behalf of the Baoshan District Party committee and government. In his speech, he mentioned that in order to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly city, Baoshan will strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction and vigorously transform the original emission sources. Through the planning and rectification of a series of factories and enterprises such as Shanghai ferroalloy factory, we are gradually moving towards the three harmony of ecology, life and production. During next year's WorldExpo, Baoshan District will also open at Wusong international cruise port to welcome guests from all over the world. At the same time, Baoshan riverside belt has also taken corresponding supporting measures

Dai Liu, chairman of Shanghai WorldExpo (Group) Co., Ltd., explained the details of the low-carbon WorldExpo in the Theme Pavilion of the WorldExpo in combination with vivid pictures and texts. Land, a non renewable resource, is used to build 12000 square meters of battlefield that users can buy with confidence. The largest underground restaurant in Asia is located under the theme hall; The world's first underground exhibition hall with a length of 100 meters and a width of 40 meters; The world's largest ecological green wall and big escape eaves and the world's largest pillarless exhibition hall, in summer, the temperature of the outer wall of the ecological wall is two degrees lower than that of the conventional glass wall, and the energy consumption under the ecology is about 40% lower than that of the conventional curtain wall; The theme pavilion is currently the largest roof with the largest solar energy area of a single building in the world, and its single unit capacity is also the largest in the history of the WorldExpo. The annual carbon dioxide emission reduction is 2800 tons, equivalent to saving more than 1000 tons of standard coal every year

the scientific and technological interpretation of the construction of the theme pavilion for improving the service capacity and level of Expo 2010 Shanghai is displayed in hall W1 of the 2009 Industrial Expo, which is worth seeing

"the future world will be a world of energy conservation and environmental protection"

Zhou Changyi, director of the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology, bowed to the audience as soon as he took the stage. Zhou Changyi, who had just completed the "research class on new industrialization and low carbon economy", one of the two key learning classes of the central government, from Cambridge, UK, said modestly that due to the rush of preparation time, I hope to share his experience during his study to talk about the theme of his speech "vigorously recommend energy conservation and emission reduction, and speed up the construction of two oriented industries". He shared six points of experience from overseas study and exchange and six suggestions for the development of the 12th Five Year Plan

in view of the trend of low-carbon development in the industrial field, Wang Xiaokang, general manager of cecep, promised that as the only central enterprise whose main business is energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection, cecep will continue to focus on clean technology and new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction in the industrial field and the comprehensive utilization of resources, and the investment and construction of urban energy conservation and environmental protection infrastructure, Make contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection in Shanghai. "The future world will be a world of energy conservation and environmental protection. We must abandon the traditional growth mode of mass production, mass consumption and large amount of waste gas, and realize low consumption, low emission and high efficiency, and promote sustainable development under the guidance of the principle of reusing resources. We must achieve our goal of sustainable development in the process of industrialization."

Zhou ya, deputy director of Shanghai development and Reform Commission, delivered a speech on the outlook of Shanghai's low-carbon economy. Zhou Ya believes that this forum has three major characteristics: the energy conservation forum will be one of the main forums for the first time; Three years ago, the venue was a loss making and heavily polluted ferroalloy plant; The energy conservation forum is by no means general. The rising trend of stocks in the low-carbon economy sector is the general trend. He also proposed three channels of Governance: adjusting, optimizing and upgrading the current industrial structure; Optimize the supply structure of energy; We should solve the problem of energy conservation from the perspective of demand

garbage also has economics

"efficiency and energy conservation in the world is a cheap way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions". This is the last declaration of the famous G8 summit, and it is also cited by Tobias Becher, CEO of ABB North Asia automation, to tell people that human wealth should not be used to save the world, but to make people feel that social security is safer. He brought many vivid examples and concluded that our challenge today is to decouple the relationship between economic growth and energy consumption, and between energy consumption and carbon emissions. We should use the cheapest and most effective way to save energy efficiency

zhudajian, director of the Institute of sustainable development and management of Tongji University and doctoral supervisor, gave a vivid lesson to the participants through charts. Familiar words such as low-carbon economy, carbon productivity and energy efficiency have become easy to understand through Zhu Dajian's explanation. "Now we focus on a new productivity, that is, how much energy input can earn, and how much carbon dioxide emissions can earn."

Chen Yonglan, chief representative of the Swedish government investment promotion agency in China and industrial counselor, introduced Sweden's successful low-carbon economy initiatives. Among them, he mentioned a new word "garbage economics", which was a popular theory in Sweden at a certain period. On weekdays, the garbage we throw away will basically be landfilled. Sweden has been advocating for many years that there is no garbage in the world. Garbage is raw materials. As long as it is used well, it can save energy and reduce pollution. Stockholm was rated as the "green capital of Europe" by the European Union this year, with a garbage utilization rate of 95%. Chen Yonglan also hopes that everyone can "see is true" and have the opportunity to visit Sweden

after listening to the report of advanced cases in relevant fields in Sweden, Chen Yonglan signed a strategic cooperation intention with Mr. Li Longsheng, deputy general manager of China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation

"punch hard, shoot fast, take accurate measures, and work hard"

Xiong Bilin, inspector of the Industrial Coordination Department of the national development and Reform Commission and Executive Deputy Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the International Industrial Expo, was the first speaker of the forum in the afternoon. Xiong Bilin looked at all times and faced the world, from the "Roosevelt New Deal" to the current financial crisis. He mentioned that in response to the financial crisis, we should "maintain the automatic constant temperature of growth, adjust the structure, promote reform and benefit the people's livelihood", and also "strike hard, act quickly, take accurate measures and work realistically". He particularly mentioned the development of solar power generation, the relevant policies can not keep up, and the downstream problems have not been solved. "One of the most basic concepts of our industrial people is the so-called" cost performance ". The economy should be allowed, enterprises should be profitable, and consumers should be able to bear it. Without this, it is not desirable in industry. ". Xiong Bilin explained the development of the eight industries with detailed data and accepted on-site questions

james Fisher, CEO of Ge Asia Pacific, said the truth as soon as he came to the stage: "today we are talking about how to make money while protecting the environment". The "green imagination" project launched by GE brings huge benefits, which is a rare successful experience. In 2008, it benefited 170billion yuan through "green imagination", and is expected to increase revenue by 25billion yuan in 2010. And these are only the benefits from a single project. GE's industrial application in the bird's nest, the permanent venue of the Beijing Olympic Games, helped the bird's nest complete carbon emission reduction and water recycling. Through LED technology, the Beijing Olympic Committee building also reduced carbon emissions

when it comes to energy conservation and emission reduction, there must be traffic emissions. Xiao GuoPu, vice president of Shanghai Automotive (Group) Corporation, brought the hot new energy vehicle information. SAIC started the research and development of new energy vehicles during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. At the beginning of its research and development, it cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University to successfully develop DME city bus, hybrid city bus, fuel cell MPV and other concept prototype vehicles. Now, SAIC Motor has launched a series of new energy vehicles for the Shanghai WorldExpo, which will show the form of human mobile transportation in the enterprise pavilion in the next 30 years. Xiao GuoPu warmly welcomes you to visit the museum at that time

crisis breeds opportunity

Zhao Guotong, counselor of the Counselor Office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government, presided over the exchange and interaction of the last link

Yang Bin, general manager of Investment Banking Department of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, was one of the last speakers at the forum. Due to the enthusiastic speeches of the previous guests and the enthusiastic questions of the audience, the Organizing Committee put forward the requirements of "short time and precise content" for the last guests

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank will continue to innovate in the field of green credit and carbon finance and promote it nationwide. At the same time, it will also work with more international professional institutions to use foreign low-cost funds and foreign advanced technology and materials technology. It is expected that the sales will rise slightly in the fourth quarter of 2014, and more innovative products can be launched under the leadership of the government

niqianlong, director of the resource conservation and environmental protection division of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said that Shanghai mainly relies on "three carriages" to develop low-carbon, cope with climate changes, and save energy and reduce emissions: by adjusting Shanghai's industrial structure; By improving energy efficiency in Shanghai; Adjust the energy structure of Shanghai

the two guests talked with the audience about energy-saving services, carbon finance, market-oriented promotion of low-carbon economy and other topics. Doctors from the energy research center of Fudan University, managers of Shanghai Sino foreign joint venture Materials Co., Ltd., representatives of Shanghai Suntory Beer Co., Ltd., representatives of Tongji University and representatives of LED industry raised professional issues in their respective fields and interacted with the guests

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