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Market conditions of olefins and aromatics in Asia

benzene Northeast Asia: spot prices remained roughly stable. In July, FOB Korean cargo traded in a narrow range of 750 ~ 790 US dollars/ton. At the beginning of the FOB Korean market, the trading activity was slow. In July, the shipment was reported to be hot in summer and warm in winter. The energy-saving design standard jgj75 ⑵ 003 price was 800 US dollars/ton, and the bid price was about 730 US dollars/ton. At the end of the period, the market price increased slightly. The quotation of the cargo in July was 790 ~ 800 dollars/ton, and the bid price was 755 ~ 765 dollars/ton

toluene Northeast Asia: the spot price rose by $10 ~ 20/ton as a whole. At the beginning of the period, the FOB South Korea price climbed to a high of 670 US dollars/ton, but at the end of the period, the market price fell slightly to 655 ~ 665 US dollars/ton, and the FOB South Korea market price rose by 10 US dollars to 650 ~ 665 US dollars/ton. Southeast Asia: following the FOB South Korea and CFR China markets, the price rose by $10 ~ 20/ton. Most of the market purchase intention prices are lower than 650 US dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), and the sales intention price is about 690 US dollars/ton, all of which are July shipments

the spot price of isoxylene rose for the fifth consecutive week, with an increase of $35 ~ 40/ton, and the FOB South Korea price climbed to $680 ~ 695/ton. This price level is the highest level since November last year, which is mainly affected by the high prices of crude oil futures and xylene in the United States and the tight supply and demand in Asia. Southeast Asia: a Thai manufacturer sold a batch of shipments in the first half of July at the price of 660 US dollars/ton (FOB Thailand) at the end of the period

the supply of solvent xylene was tight, and the price increased by 25 ~ 30 yuan/ton. At the beginning of the period, a batch of shipments at the end of June were traded at US $640/ton (FOB Korea). Then the market reached another batch of spot shipments at the price of US $645/ton (FOB South Korea). After the crude oil price in the United States broke through the price of $56/barrel, the price of solvent xylene accelerated at the end of the period. The quotation of the shipment in the first half of July was $690/ton (CFR East China), and the purchase intention price was $660 ~ 670/ton. The purchase intention price of buyers in South China is slightly higher, which is 680 ~ 685 US dollars/ton (CFR)

the spot market price of p-xylene is strong. FOB Korea is $825 ~ 830/ton. In the future, the vehicle weight reduction will be achieved in three stages year by year, and CFR Taiwan is $830 ~ 840/ton. Compared with the previous period, it increased by 5 ~ 10 dollars/ton. Transactions are mainly concentrated in the early stage, and later market transactions are mainly shifted to the contract market. A batch of July cargoes were traded at the price of 850 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port), and the cargoes fluctuated in a relatively narrow range of 830 ~ 835 US dollars/ton in the second half of July and the first half of August. Contract market: the intended contract price in July is 850 ~ 870 US dollars/ton (CFR Asia), and the settlement price of the Asian contract in June is reached at 790 US dollars/ton (CFR Asia)

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overall dynamics of ethylene: the market price was polarized at the beginning of the period, and the double buying and selling made it easier for moisture to enter. The bid price difference between parties reached $100/ton. However, the good news of the production failure in Thailand pushed the market onto an upward trajectory. Northeast Asia: the market is between bear market and weak market, and there is no clear price guidance. Although most businesses are optimistic about the future market, it is still considered premature for sellers to raise their intended selling price to more than 700 US dollars/ton (CFR). In South Korea, the only batch of ships sold through tender quotation were finally sold to a domestic buyer at a price of about 730 US dollars/ton (FOB)

propylene Northeast Asia: the market price soared by $100/ton. Korean manufacturers launched four shipments at US $800/ton (FOB) and US $815/ton (FOB Korea), and the other two shipments were sold to Chinese buyers at US $870/ton (CFR). At the end of the period, it was reported that the price of propylene CFR in South Korea had exceeded $900/ton (CFR). Southeast Asia: at the end of the period, the buyer's bid price has steadily climbed from the low line of $700/ton at the beginning of the period to $800/ton (CFR Thailand), and a batch of 1600 tons of ships arrived at the end of June at the price of $730/ton (CFR Indonesia)

butadiene Northeast Asia: spot market prices continue to weaken. The market view is that the feasible price of the shipment delivered at the end of July is $1300/ton (CFR Korea). This week, the demand from China is still sluggish, and the buyer's purchase intention price hovers around 1250 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port). The contract price of butadiene in South Korea in June has been determined to be $1141 ~ 1362/ton (delivery price), while its contract price in May is $1159 ~ 1375/ton. The contract price in Taiwan, China was $1030 ~ 1146/ton in May, basically the same as the contract price in April

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