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the old man was hit and thought he was okay to let the driver go. After the driver died in the early morning, the driver was arrested.

the driver accidentally knocked down a passer-by, and the other party said I was okay, you can go. If you were a driver, would you choose to leave? If the hit passer-by suddenly dies after you leave, do you know what to bear for example

recently, Zhuhai public security traffic police handled such a traffic accident

at 16:45 on August 24, an unlicensed passenger motorcycle accidentally hit a passing old man on yingyue road in Sanzao. It is understood that Liu, the 78 year old man who was hit, was immediately picked up by the motorcycle driver after the crash. Liu had a good temper and said, "I'm fine. You can go now." The motorcycle driver left directly

Liu's family was only fourorfive meters away from the scene of the accident. Walking home from the scene, he suddenly squatted down at the door of his house, and his face was very bad. The neighbor asked what happened. Liu said that he had just been hit by a motorcycle, and his family immediately sent Liu to hospital for treatment. But in the early morning of the next day, Liu still died after ineffective rescue

according to the traffic police on duty, in traffic accidents, the huge impact force is easy to cause internal organs or intracranial injuries. Sometimes these injuries will show up immediately, and sometimes they will show up after a period of time. For example, the old man Liu was fine more than ten minutes ago, but the symptoms will not show until more than ten minutes later

after receiving the alarm, the traffic police immediately returned to the scene of the crime for investigation. After the interview, it was learned that Liu was injured by a motorcycle at that time, and indeed agreed that the motorcycle driver left, and the motorcycle fell to the ground at the time of the accident, and the driver and the back seat passengers were also injured

the traffic police finally found the motorcycle at the gate of Sanzao hospital. At present, the motorcycle is expanding and building a 5000 ton graphene heavy-duty coating production line. The truck driver Wang. When told that the old man had died, Wang said he didn't expect it. Subsequently, Wang was arrested by the traffic police for the crime of traffic accident. On September 16, he was arrested

in the traffic police law popularization

accident, if the driver is not suspected of subjective escape, but fails to protect the scene, he should bear the main responsibility of the accident, will be investigated, and may finally threaten human life and health through the food chain

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