The hottest old woman in Guangdong is nearly 80 ye

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Guangdong is nearly 80 years old, and the old woman never wears shoes to go up the mountain to collect firewood like walking on the ground

optimistic grandma Liu

compared with her peers in the village, grandma Liu is older and stronger

grandma Liu went up the mountain barefoot to pick up firewood and grass as if walking on the ground

there is a "barefoot mother-in-law" in Timian town of Huadu.

Huadu has a "barefoot mother-in-law". She almost never wears shoes in her 80s. She still walks on the ground when she goes up the mountain to collect firewood. Even if she is still barefoot in cold weather, her feet will not crack. It may be that she has been barefoot all the year round. Although she is nearly 80 years old, the mold in the head of her mother-in-law Liu's body is still very strong with a mold core, and her spirit is also very good. It can be said that she is not bent, not stooped, still hearing and seeing, and can wear needles and wires

text, picture/Guangzhou Zeng Weikang correspondent Jianshen, Japanese It can be used as "Jianping, the largest composite structure for preparing space vehicles in history

does not wear shoes all year round

because she used to have no money to buy shoes

the protagonist of the story is grandma Liu, 79 years old, who is from Wulian village, Timian Town, Huadu District.

when the party came to grandma Liu's family located in the first economic society of the village, she was sitting at the door busy with household chores.

grandma Liu said that when she was a child, because her family was poor, she couldn't afford shoes and had to be naked Walk on your feet. Nowadays, children have grown up and married, and they no longer use the cascade tightening mechanism to worry about food and clothing. "I don't wear shoes now, not because I don't have money to buy, but because I feel uncomfortable wearing shoes, sweating and uncomfortable. I don't say it because I'm so stuffy, and I feel very uncomfortable walking." Mrs. Liu said, "maybe it's because I'm used to not wearing shoes when I'm young. It's a natural habit to come and go. So far, I can say that I haven't worn shoes much in my life. I only make do with wearing shoes once or twice in a particularly cold winter, and I don't wear socks."

it is reported that in the early years, Mrs. Liu once lived in the town with her youngest son for twoorthree years. Because she was really not used to it, she moved back to the old house left by the Taigong in the village to live alone

carrying shoes to the market

make a funny appearance

in the chat, aunt Luo, a villager who just passed by after finishing her work in the field, came over. She was very familiar with grandma Liu's things. She had been a neighbor with grandma Liu for many years

aunt Luo told us an interesting thing: on weekdays, when grandma Liu went to the market in the town, she always carried a pair of shoes in her hand, and when she went to the market, it was like wearing them symbolically. "Her purpose is not to wear it, and she is afraid of being laughed at by people who know her well and scold her as a 'cheap bone' who doesn't wear shoes." According to Luo Yi, China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. No matter what season, grandma Liu often didn't wear shoes when she went to the market in the town before. Therefore, she was always talked about by familiar people

with more "curses", Mrs. Liu naturally learned to be "good" and "refined". In the future, whenever she goes to the market in the town, she never forgets to bring a pair of shoes for future use

life experience: getting married and having children at the age of 16, supporting a family with both hands "getting married early and having more children" may be a common feature of most families in grandma Liu's era. Mrs. Liu got married at the age of 16 and gave birth to five women and two men, a total of seven. Her daughter is the eldest and is 63 years old this year, while her youngest son is also in his 40s. "At that time, the economy was backward, there was a lack of clothes and food, and many families were too poor to open a pot. It was in such an environment that my husband and I worked hard to raise several children. It was really not easy to support a family, and we paid too much."

Mrs. Liu said that her husband was 9 years older than her, but he left early and died nearly 20 years ago. "The year he left, I was only 60 years old. Alas, time flies so fast. In the blink of an eye, it will be 20 years." The optimistic mother-in-law Liu couldn't help but sigh about the ruthlessness and bitterness of the past

strange thing: no matter how cold the weather is, her feet won't crack

does grandma Liu live barefoot for decades because her feet are magical or different from others? "Look, my feet are nothing special." Grandma Liu specially rinsed her feet with water and showed them to us. Through careful observation, it is found that the skin on the soles of Mrs. Liu's feet is no different from ordinary people except that it is slightly rougher and thicker than ordinary people. Mrs. Liu said that she didn't know whether it was because she walked barefoot all year round. Even in cold weather, her feet wouldn't crack and other discomfort. Not only that, usually there is no physical pain, even a cold and fever are rare. We also see that although she is nearly 80 years old, Mrs. Liu is still very strong and energetic. She is not bent and stooped. She is still able to see and wear needles

health: good health may be related to barefoot. "Although she is in her seventies and eighties, she has good teeth. She has no problem chewing ribs and peanuts. She eats delicious food and walks quickly at ordinary times. It's like the wind blowing under her feet. Even I can't catch up with her. As usual, she goes up the mountain to cut grass and firewood, and goes to the field to hoe and grow vegetables. Now she can pick two barrels of water weighing about 60 or 70 Jin to pour vegetables on the ground." Aunt Luo smiled and said that according to the neighbors, in daily life, grandma Liu is not too picky about eating. She eats everything except cold and hot things. However, to everyone's surprise, fruit candy turned out to be her favorite. She ate several of them every day when she had nothing to do. "I have to eat hundreds of kilograms every year when I'm young. My daughter buys me big bags every time. I also checked my blood pressure and blood sugar in the town, and the doctor said it was normal." Mrs. Liu said happily

while talking, another old woman in the village who had just finished farming passed by with a hoe and crutches. As soon as the two old men met, they exchanged greetings. Mrs. Fu is 71 years old this year, 8 years younger than Mrs. Liu, but she has already been humped. When the two old people walk together, they can clearly see what is "healthy and energetic"

it is often said by doctors that the foot is the second "heart" of the human body. There are many acupoints and nerve sensing points on the sole of the foot. Adhering to appropriate stimulation can better promote the movement of Qi and blood, regulate visceral function, and dredge the meridians of the whole body. During the chat, Mrs. Liu's face was full of smiles from beginning to end, especially amiable

the health of the elderly mother-in-law Liu may have a lot to do with walking barefoot all year round. Of course, this is inseparable from her optimistic, hardworking, kind-hearted character, daily diet and good local ecological environment

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