The hottest old lady married an old man in Kunshan

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Five years ago, an old woman in Shanghai took more compensation for demolition and relocation for her fake marriage with an old man in Kunshan after divorce, and her husband married his sister-in-law after divorce. As a result, due to the relocation sunshine operation, the two sides didn't take much money for relocation, which also caused a lot of trouble. Recently, Kunshan court heard a divorce dispute case of invalid experiment

old lady Zhang and old man Wang in Kunshan registered for marriage, and old lady Zhang's husband and old man Wang's sister-in-law received the certificate

in 2010, seeing that her old house in Shanghai was about to be moved, considering that if there was another spouse, old lady Zhang in Shanghai might be compensated a little more, so she discussed with her husband-in-law to strive for more compensation by handling fake divorce and fake marriage. According to the introduction, later, when old lady Zhang and old man Wang from Kunshan registered with a Civil Affairs Bureau in Shanghai, it should be considered that the shrinkage rate of plastic is greater than that of metal to get married, while old lady Zhang did not get a marriage certificate with her husband and old man Wang's sister-in-law under the pen of Nokia and Apple iPhone 5C

at that time, both parties agreed that Mrs. Zhang would compensate Mr. Wang 20000 yuan. After marriage, the two parties did not live together

old man Wang wanted to find a spouse to take care of his life. He proposed divorce and was refused to demolish sunshine. Old lady Zhang was also refused to remarry in a hurry

later, old man Wang was in poor health and needed to find a spouse to support each other. As a result, he found that he was already married, so he begged Mrs. Zhang for 20000 yuan and filed for divorce. However, Mrs. Zhang's reply was: no money, divorce, etc

and this is four years. Later, Mr. Wang simply didn't expect a divorce, so he didn't take the initiative to contact Mrs. Zhang anymore. Only recently did he learn that he was prosecuted by Mrs. Zhang to the court

it turned out that the relocation of Shanghai had already been sunny, and Mrs. Zhang didn't get an extra point of demolition compensation. Mrs. Zhang, who was eager to remarry, contacted Mr. Wang. At this time, Mr. Wang sang the opposite tune, not only disagreed with the divorce, but also asked Mrs. Zhang to pay 30000 yuan of compensation. In desperation, Mrs. Zhang filed a petition against Mr. Wang to the court

the court held that without feelings, only formal marriage should be dissolved.

the court held that the plaintiff and the defendant had a weak emotional foundation before marriage, and did not live together after marriage. The two parties did not establish a real relationship between husband and wife, but only maintain the marital status in form. Such a marital relationship should be dissolved. The defendant Wang Laohan asked the plaintiff to pay 30000 yuan, which the plaintiff denied. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has an unparalleled professional and technical team. Even if the plaintiff and the defendant had an agreement on this, because the agreement is contrary to the essence of marriage and public order and good customs, it is not protected by the law. Finally, the court granted the divorce between the plaintiff Mrs. Zhang and the defendant Mr. Wang

the judge reminded that the marriage between men and women should be based on feelings, and once the marriage is registered as a husband wife relationship recognized by the law, both convenience forms a certain personal attachment relationship. In this case, the Central Plains and the defendants only registered marriage for property interests and maintained a nominal husband wife relationship for nearly five years. This rash and irresponsible behavior is contempt for marriage and should not be promoted. I would like to remind the general public that marriage is a major event in life, which must not be regarded as a trifle. We should do it and cherish it, and we should not try to exploit the loopholes of the law like the parties in this case, so as to avoid suffering a painful lesson

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