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Are OLED rivals coming? Mini LED is expected to come out in 2018

OLED TV is steadily increasing its market share in the high-end TV market. At present, it has surpassed LCD for the first time and is deeply loved by high-end users. However, OLED technology is not without competitors. Microled technology has attracted much attention in the industry, and many large manufacturers are actively developing it, but it is still unable to overcome the difficulty of massive transfer. Before the official maturity of microled technology, miniled was also highly expected by manufacturers

miniled technology is expected to come out in 2018

it is understood that the grain size of miniled is about 100 microns, while that of microled is less than 50 microns, so miniled does not need to overcome the technical threshold of large-scale transfer, and mass production is feasible. It can be used as large-scale display, TV and backlight applications, especially intelligence is expected to be introduced first. Miniled technology has entered the stage of product design and certification in the second half of 2017, and specific products are expected to come out this year

massive transfer is the main difficulty of microled technology

the industry is optimistic about miniled as an effective outlet to the sea to solve the overall LED production capacity. With the improvement of LED luminous efficiency, the demand and output value of LED backlight have entered full demand. The orders of C919 and ARJ21 (7) 00 large aircraft have reached 517, 278 and or declined respectively. Taking 5-inch panels as an example, the number of LED backlights is about 20-25 at present, and if miniled is used in the future, the demand for one is about 9000. Although the size of a single miniled is small, due to the direct down backlight, it can achieve high dynamic range HD through the localdimming (dynamic backlight zoning) design, and reduce the display effect of lead smelting cost pressure R, presenting a more detailed screen picture. At the same time, it has the same thickness as OLED, such as the maintenance cost, which has established a relatively perfect material research and development, product pilot test and test platform, protection cost and so on

at present, miniled design schemes are divided into full-color RGB mixed light or white light. The former can achieve 100% NTSC high color gamut display, while the white miniled through blue LED and phosphor can achieve 80-90% NTSC display effect, with strong color expression ability

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