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The old ink cartridge is recycled for 20 yuan and sold for 200 yuan after renovation.

the ink cartridge of the inkjet printer that has just been used has been bought at the genuine price, but it has been tampered with. A few days ago, a consumer of the technology and products of China's sensors and tension machines in Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province reported that ink cartridges that have only been used once cannot be refilled with ink and can only be recycled at a low price. An investigation was conducted in this regard. Relevant experts said that the culprit was that consumers bought old products that were recycled and refurbished, and the results were processed, printed and recorded

consumers reported that the new ink cartridge cannot be filled with ink

this brand of ink cartridge has always been used. Why can't this be recycled this time? Can't you add ink again? At the end of February, Mr. Fan from Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City complained to the Jiaojiang District Consumer Protection Committee with questions, reflecting the problems he encountered

the staff of Jiaojiang District Consumer Protection Committee contacted the sales representative of a brand of ink cartridges. After careful inspection, the sales representative told Mr. fan that the ink cartridge was not genuine and had been tampered with in advance

according to the relevant person of Jiaojiang District Consumer Protection Committee, recently, Jiaojiang District Consumer Protection Committee has received many complaints from consumers, reflecting that ink cartridges and toner cartridges that have only been used once cannot be refilled with ink and toner, and can only be recycled at a low price, or even sold as waste products. The culprit is that consumers buy recycled and refurbished old products. A brand of ink cartridge sales representative said


recycled old ink cartridges are refurbished and then sold

walking on the overpass and the streets of the city, you often see small advertisements for high price recycled ink cartridges. Why would someone recycle these waste ink cartridges and toner cartridges at a high price? After recycling, what will they be used for

the original intention of relevant departments to recycle waste ink cartridges and toner cartridges is to realize the recycling of plastic shells, photosensitive drums, charging rollers, magnetic rollers and other accessories, advocate green energy conservation and avoid environmental pollution. The recycling price of old ink cartridges ranges from 10 yuan/piece to 20 yuan/piece, and the price of high-end ink cartridges of HP, Canon, Epson and other brands will be higher. Most consumers will buy ink for reuse to save consumables. The cost of filling ink by themselves is less than 1/5 of the price of original genuine ink cartridges

in the face of high profit space, some criminals should consider the problem of inorganic substances replacing organic substances in the repurchase research, and the ink cartridge is for reuse and earn the price difference. According to the relevant person of Jiaojiang District Consumer Protection Committee, the outlaw's investment in an underground processing plant costs less than 10000 yuan. As long as the circuit board and nozzle of the recovered ink cartridge are in good condition, after simple cleaning, decoding, filling in ink, and then pasting fake trademarks and fake packaging, they can be sold to consumers as genuine products. The cost of refurbishing an ink cartridge is yuan, while the price of original genuine ink cartridges is more than 200 yuan. A pure manual processing factory composed of three people can refurbish hundreds of old ink cartridges every day. It's wrong for consumers to use these refurbished old ink cartridges, which is easy to cause printer failures, such as frequent powder leakage, paper jam, and poor print quality. In particular, it will block the print nozzle and shorten the service life of the printer

the Consumer Protection Committee reminds

waste consumables are best handed over to the original factory for recycling

the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiaojiang District reminds consumers that waste printer consumables are best handed over to the original factory recycling personnel or professional recycling companies for recycling. At present, more and more consumable brands have opened special recycling channels, and the recycling price may be slightly lower than the market price, but manufacturer recycling can effectively block the channel of counterfeiters. Consumers should not fuel the arrogance of counterfeiters for a few yuan. Maybe the sold old ink cartridges will return to their own hands one day, eventually damaging their own interests

when purchasing a new cartridge, you can dial 800 to identify the true and false. Most brand consumables are printed with laser anti-counterfeiting signs. Tearing the signs will get a set of serial numbers. Dial 800 to know whether the purchased products are genuine; Or inform consumers that the serial number of the outer package of the product has been used, and the purchase is a refurbished product

when purchasing, you can also observe the quality of the outer packaging and the product itself. First, look at the number of the outer packaging. The number of the outer packaging box and the vacuum packaging bag of the real ink cartridge are consistent with that of the inner ink cartridge. Secondly, check whether there are ink injection holes in the ink cartridge. Fake ink cartridges will have ink injection holes on the top of the ink cartridge. Some fake products will be covered with labels, while the original ink cartridge has no ink injection holes or the ink injection holes are not drilled; Check whether the sealing glue and seal of the toner drum are complete. The function of the original toner drum carbon powder seal is to prevent the toner drum from polluting due to the overflow of carbon powder caused by vibration during transportation. It feels tight when opening the seal. Counterfeit products only play a decorative role

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