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OLED and 8K TVs have exploded in CES, but Sony is still on its own.

ces2019, which has just passed, seems to have become a stage for major TV manufacturers to show their muscles. Looking at the trend through the exhibition, it is not difficult to find that 8K and OLED have become new trends. After a series of "marketing words" and "new trends" such as Internet, VR, AR, artificial intelligence, IOT, etc., the competition in the color TV industry finally returns to rationality and the competition about image quality. This is an excellent thing and our best original intention for a TV

ces flagship 8K TVs with explosion screen include Sony's first 8K flagship z9g, Samsung 8K TV Q900 series, LG's first 8koled TV, TCL 8K qled TV, as well as 8K TVs newly unveiled by Skyworth, Changhong and other manufacturers, as well as 8K ecological business blueprint displayed by sharp. OLED TV camp is also growing unprecedentedly, including Sony's new generation OLED TV a9g, 8K OLED TV and OLED flexible crimp TV launched by LG, 8K OLED TV of Skyworth's high-end brand Metz classic, Panasonic's new OLED product gz2000, and domestic manufacturers such as Hisense and TCL are also deploying OLED product lines one after another

they all have their own characteristics, but the most eye-catching one is Sony's booth. The flagship version of the leading HDR image processing chip X1 will escort the image quality Sony OLED/8K flagship TVs a9g and z9g

2019 Sony picturesque series TV product direction - faithfully express the creator's intention

this CES Sony conference, the introduction of the two flagship TVs is only a brush, and the detailed configuration parameters do not make any unnecessary interpretation. Sony began to emphasize the brand spirit and philosophy of "reproducing the creator's intention" in the hope of "moving" users

how can we faithfully express the creator's intention to move consumers? Through the practice and innovation of the whole industry chain of "lens to living room", and through the unique image processing chip, the image seen by the creator when shooting can be accurately restored on the TV: the 2k and 4K images can be upgraded to the image quality close to 8K, and every information on the color volume can accurately appear on the TV screen

hdr image processing chip X1 flagship - the key to the breakthrough of image quality

in fact, the difference between TV panels of various brands is not large, and the important thing is how to achieve better image quality (through backlight and image quality processing chip)

Sony has mastered all links from content shooting, production, production, dissemination and even broadcasting, especially in the field of professional cameras and monitors, and has profound technical accumulation and R & D experience. Image processing technology can bring intuitive improvement to image quality performance. This core technology mastered by Sony has brought extraordinary display effect to Sony TV

a9g and z9g are equipped with HDR image processing chip X1 ultimate and 8K x-reality pro, with accurate detail processing ability and strong contrast enhancement performance, which is the key to Sony's continuous breakthrough in image quality on the basis of LCD and OLED screens

The technical advantages of the advanced version of

x1 include five black technologies, including HDR dynamic image by image reconstruction technology, 14bit smooth gradient, dual image database, precision color rendering and dynamic contrast enhancement, which can fully tap and release the potential of different display technologies, improve the expressiveness of image quality to a higher level, and realize sharper color contrast and wider dynamic range

with 8K x-reality Pro/4K x-reality Pro Technology, different input sources can be optimized, even 4K, such as Tianhui, sans' fixture 2K, and even network video can be optimized to the greatest extent. Sony wechat has also brought a lot of room for the development of plastic film blowing machine. A comparison of 4K pictures played by z9g with 8K TVs of other brands can clearly feel the advantages of z9g in color, detail and picture level

z9g 8K LCD TV - professional image quality performance

among the many 8K LCD TVs on this CES, Sony z9g is the only product with professional image quality performance, with a number of core black technologies developed specifically for 8K TVs

first of all, 8K HDR image processing chip X1 flagship, combined with the newly developed 8K x-reality Pro Technology (8K xunrui image processing engine Pro), through a powerful 8K image information database, can analyze the image quality of a variety of input signals and provide excellent optimization algorithms, and for the current popular network video, analyze the loss of details and a variety of noise information in the image in real time, optimize and improve it, Bring 8K Ultra HD pictures with richer details

second, the backlight master drive with full array local light control (master technology of dynamic backlight system) and 8K x-extended dynamic range pro (8K elite Light Control Pro Technology). Among them, the dynamic backlight system master technology is Sony's top dynamic backlight technology, which can be independently controlled for high-density LED modules to make the brightness higher and the black deeper, effectively improving the sense of hierarchy and black field expression of the picture. The 8K elite light control pro technology can accurately control each backlight area through advanced backlight algorithm, optimize the image signal to the greatest extent, and give full play to the advantages of the master technology of dynamic backlight system on Sony's new flagship LCD

third, z9g also adopts Guangrui perspective technology and Mingrui dynamic technology, which are widely praised on z9f, to ensure that real colors can be presented when viewing from all angles, and to ensure the high quality of dynamic images without losing brightness

in terms of sound quality, Sony is also considering how to make LCD TVs achieve the effect of "audio-visual experience" like OLED. Z9g has gained rich experience from the "screen sound field" technology of OLED TV. Using the "multi-channel screen sound field technology", it has built-in four-way front speakers - two groups at the top and two groups at the bottom, so that the sound generation position is more realistic and accurate, creating the effect that the sound is transmitted directly from the screen, just like the characters in the picture speak directly from their mouths. In addition, on the basis of Dolby horizon, Dolby panoramic sound technology is added to further expand and enrich the surround sound effect. At the same time, z9g is also equipped with TV mid speaker mode, which is suitable for the home theater mode with TV as the mid speaker, and can create a highly immersive surround sound field

a9gold TV - there are so many real "audio-visual integration"

OLED TVs, what is the killer mace of Sony a9g? OLED technology itself is characterized by ultra wide viewing angle, accurate contrast control and deep black field performance. Again, on the basis of 4K HDR image processing chip X1 flagship, the precise control of OLED over 8million self luminous pixels and pixel level contrast enhancement technology can significantly improve the dynamic range of OLED TV. Even SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) content can be improved to a picture quality close to 4K HDR, making the content more clear

a9g OLED TV's biggest feature is that while realizing high-quality image quality, it abandons traditional TVs, including the loudspeaker device used in OLED TVs, and instead adds a sound field driver and additional bass speaker developed and produced by Sony itself in the center of the screen, which directly produces sound through screen vibration, raising the performance of sound effect to an unreachable height, and realizing the real "integration of sound and picture"

a9g, like z9g, supports Dolby vision and Dolby panoramic sound technology. Combined with Sony's original flagship screen sound field, it can bring consumers Dolby cinema like entertainment experience. Its equipped central speaker mode can make the TV act as a central loudspeaker in home cinemas

a9g suspension mode

Sony TV has been pursuing more artistic design while continuously improving the audio and painting experience. Sony has also synchronously reconstructed the appearance of the a9g, making the fuselage lighter and thinner and reducing the occupation of space. Especially when it is hung with Sony's dedicated hanger, the distance between the a9g screen and the wall is shortened by half compared with the previous generation a9f. It is like floating on the wall, which can not only be harmonious with various home styles, but also realize the rotation function

New TV products that did not appear on CES

Sony unveiled two flagship products, a9g and z9g, secondary flagship and other products that are more people-friendly, but did not appear on this ces. However, the invited media were lucky to visit these new products in the hotel, which will be launched in 2019

normal base mode

the base is raised and perfectly integrated with soundbar

a8g 4K OLED TV. It can be understood as an upgraded version of a8f. It only provides 65 inch and 55 inch models, and the processor is 4K HDR image processing chip X1 advanced version. The flagship products have considerable quality performance, but the price will be much more friendly to the people. Compared with a9f, its base has another feature, which can set two height modes, which is perfectly integrated with Sony soundbar. This product will develop a larger OLED TV market for Sony and improve the safety of experimenters

x9500g 4K LCD TV. It can be understood as an upgraded version of x9000f, which has four models of 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches and 85 inches, and uses 4K HDR image processing chip X1 ultimate, as well as Guangrui perspective technology and Mingrui dynamic technology. In terms of sound quality, two high-frequency sound field positioning speakers are added at the top of the back of the x9500g, which is slightly inferior to the four-way front speakers of the z9g, but compared with previous products, it can effectively improve the stereo effect and directivity of sound, and also bring the effect of "the integration of sound and painting"

x8500g 4K LCD TV. It can be understood as the upgraded version of x8500f, which has more than 85 inch, 75 inch, 65 inch and 55 inch models. It uses 4K HDR image processing chip x1. The whole series supports sharp dynamic technology, of which 85 inch and 75 inch support sharp view technology

from Sony's exclusive interview, we saw the attitude of "black technology"

after visiting Sony's new product launch and experiencing the products, we were also invited to participate in Sony's exclusive interview. From the dialogue with Sony executives, we can learn about some new directions of Sony's product management and product technology in 2019

facing the market downturn, Sony sticks to the high-end large screen Market and accurately captures users. The overall color TV market has declined, but the 65 inch, 75 inch, and even 85 inch large screen market has achieved relatively large growth. Sony has convinced consumers with product quality, image quality, and sound quality design. At the same time, we should constantly innovate products, improve work quality, production efficiency, and adopt new technologies to promote daily work

in response to the fierce competition in the color TV market, Sony specializes in image quality processing technology. Sony's biggest unique skill is the flagship version of HDR image processing chip x1, which is also the solid backing for Sony TV to stand in the high-end market. When used in 8K TV, it can upgrade 2k and 4K pictures to near 8K image quality, and tap the potential and characteristics of the panel (the same with 4K TV). The development of OLED and 8K still needs to be accelerated, and Sony is trying to be a leader

Sony has the most complete ecological chain. Sony has the practice and innovation of the whole industry chain of "lens to living room". Whether it is broadcasting equipment to picture display, Sony is deeply involved and even dominant, which also brings strong database support to its image quality processing chip. Give full play to the characteristics of the panel to ensure strong image quality performance

all designs are designed to realize customer value. Sony's products have always been the most complete, newly developed 8K battery

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