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The formation of the "old man's expedition" will complete the dream of crossing the Atlantic by plastic boat

the "old man's expedition" will cross the Atlantic

five years ago, Anthony Smith, then 79, was worried that others thought he was daydreaming when he advertised in the daily telegraph to gather his teammates

now, this "elderly expedition" has been formed and is about to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in January next year

original way

this expedition consisting of four elderly people will set out from the Canary Islands of Spain and take a plastic raft to the Bahamas, about 4500 kilometers away

the facilities on the plastic raft are simple: two simple sheds are used for the old sailors to divide and surround, gradually reduce the scope of fault search and rest, the fence prevents them from accidentally falling into the water, and the Peruvian rudder grasps the forward direction. The whole voyage will take 60 days. In the first few days, a supply ship will follow the plastic raft in case they forget to bring a can opener or other small things

Smith, who once served in the Royal Air Force, said that it was relatively safe to cross the ocean on a bamboo raft, and his body was enough to cope. "Most people of protein plastic age will happily go to Sainsbury supermarket every Tuesday to buy or help repair the church roof," the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying, "I want to express that you don't have to be satisfied just because you can go to the supermarket, you can do other things."

many years' dream

Smith is an explorer who has written more than 30 books and served as a host at the beginning of the establishment of the BBC. In 1962, he crossed East Africa in a hot-air balloon, and the next year he became the first Briton to cross the Alps in a hot-air balloon

in fact, as early as 1952, Smith had the idea of crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a raft. He wanted to sail from the Canary Islands and live by eating sea fish. "At that time, I was a student and had no money. But this idea often came to my mind," Smith said

five years ago, he advertised in the daily telegraph, which said, "are you interested in crossing the Atlantic Ocean by raft? Well-known travelers recruit three crew members. They must be retired old people. Only serious explorers are accepted."

three years ago, Smith had a car accident with steel nails in his legs and had to rely on crutches to walk, but even this did not cool his adventurous heart

dreams come true

now, Smith has finally recruited three companions, aged 56, 57 and 61, respectively. Although this does not fully meet his standard of "having to be a retired old man", this expedition with an average age of nearly 65 is enough to make most young people ashamed

David hildred, a 57 year old team member, was a "fan" of Smith when he was at school and once explored the Amazon jungle in a canoe. "I have been following his footsteps. After seeing the advertisement, I contacted Anthony. We arranged a meeting, and the atmosphere was unbelievably good, so he reserved a seat for me on the ship," hildred said, "To complete this thing with the hero in my childhood has made my dream certified by a famous lithium battery manufacturer; Changzhou No.6 element material technology Co., Ltd. has also launched conductive graphene, which is a dream come true."

Robin bacheler, a 61 year old member, said he was moved by Smith's determination

"Anthony has a firm will. He completely ignores the fact that this new composite material is born. His spirit is as sharp as a knife, completely immersed in the plan, and nothing can stop him."

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