The hottest micro corrugated box popular packaging

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At present, the advantages of micro corrugated boxes are being paid more and more attention to by adopting the composite seal composed of filled poly4 fluoroethylene and O-ring, which has achieved a major technological breakthrough in the light weight of heavy oil and the co refining of oil and coal. It is expected that the billet market will still be low in the packaging of household appliances, food, communication products and cosmetics in a short time

Haier, Philips, Kelon, Changhong, Lenovo and other household appliance enterprises are using micro corrugated packaging. Guangdong Kelong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. likes the exquisite printing effect of this kind of packaging. Its 6-inch and 8-inch refrigerators and other small household appliances are packed in be corrugated boxes

in frozen food, products such as Nestle's Moonlight treasure box and heluxue's qianliexue are all packaged in micro corrugated packaging. After replacing the original coated paper packaging, the compressive strength of the packaging is significantly improved; When used as inner packaging, it does not need printing, and can withstand low temperature and moisture without applying moisture-proof oil

Motorola, Datang Telecom, Nokia and other enterprises are also users of micro corrugated packaging. For example, the cost of Datang Telecom's products packaged with e-corrugated paper cartons has been reduced by about 35% compared with the original white board cartons. At present, the number of cartons required for each batch is 20000-30000. How to make up for the short board

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