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Michelin tire plans to terminate its production business in Colombia

Michelin tire announced on June 12 that it will terminate its production business in Colombia. Just the day before, the company announced plans to close a truck tire factory in France and sell Algeria's heavy truck tire business

Michelin said in a statement: "since the company has suffered huge losses in Colombia for more than a decade, even though it has made continuous investment at a relatively low level, the company has equipped a" tall and high "sales team, which has failed to reverse the decline. Therefore, Michelin decided to terminate the manufacturing business of its local subsidiary icollantas."

Michelin will close its two plants in Colombia this summer. Among them, the truck tire plant in chusaca has 220 employees, while the other electrical circuit reset plant in Cali has 240 employees, which produces Michelin passenger car tires and BF Goodrich tires

a Michelin spokeswoman declined to release details on the extent of the company's loss in Columbus, but this local oil pressure was not used for sample loading. Michelin said it would continue to sell tires in Colombia and planned to expand its local sales force without any problems

in order to alleviate the overcapacity in Europe, Michelin recently announced that it would terminate the production of heavy truck tires in the French joue Les tours factory by the first half of 2015, and cut 730 of the 930 employees in the factory. In addition, the company plans to sell its heavy truck tire business in Algeria

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