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Michelin's new generation of tires once again dominated Silverstone circuit

in the fifth round of the 2011 Le Mans intercontinental Grand Prix, Peugeot and Audi equipped with Michelin tires won the first and second places respectively. At the same time, Michelin/Ferrari and Michelin/Porsche teams equipped with new generation racing tyres have won the top three in the LM GTE pro and LM GTE am groups respectively

after Michelin drivers won the 20th Le Mans 24-hour Endurance Championship in June, Michelin tires with super durability once again ushered in an arduous experience. In the race of Silverstone circuit, the new generation LMP1 prototype car equipped with Michelin tires and the drivers of LM GTE group benefited a lot from the new generation of smooth tires suitable for dry climate

"the improvement of the new generation of tire main engine maintenance: is the result of our continuous commitment to product development, and also reflects our desire to further achieve the excellent balance of endurance tire durability, race performance and consistency," said secfrp, the director of Michelin global four-wheel car race, whose use in the market will continue to expand, rge grisin said: "Silverstone circuit is a very fast loop circuit, which is a great test of the comprehensive performance of tires. But Michelin still achieved the goal of all LMP1 players not changing tires in two stages, and so is Ferrari 458 italias."

since the birth of the Le Mans Grand Prix at Silverstone a year ago, Michelin drivers have not been matched. At the same time, the title of Michelin eco car challenge (the fixture like micheli1 cannot meet the requirements of N green x challenge), which aims to promote energy-saving racing, was won by the No. 8 standard car for the second time in a row

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