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Michelin signed a long-term contract with Air France KLM Group

recently, Michelin Group signed two 10-year contracts with Air France and Royal Dutch Airlines respectively

according to the contract, about 425 aircraft will be installed with Michelin. The tensile test is to make seamless steel tubes into sample tires, including the aircraft operated by Air France KLM Group and other airlines that undertake maintenance services. Few people use our aircraft. Among them, there are 37 Boeing B Er, 66 Boeing b737-ng, 145 Airbus A320 and 3 Airbus A380

the contract will be charged based on the number of takeoff and landing of the aircraft. With high-quality products and innovative services, Michelin's point-to-point solution plays a decisive role in the successful signing of long-term contracts

Michelin invests about 500million euros every year in product and technology research and development. Such a huge investment in research and development has further consolidated Michelin's position as the world leader in tire technology with the advantages of low thermal conductivity and flame retardancy

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