The hottest miconex2010 exhibition, Jiumao success

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MICONEX 2010 exhibition Jiumao successfully launched a number of measurement and control instruments

in September 2010, as an internationally renowned instrument manufacturer, JUMO participated in the 21st multinational Instrument Exhibition. During the four-day exhibition, Jiumao exhibited new intelligent pressure transmitter dtrans P20, general PID regulator quantum, new electromagnetic conductivity transmitter cti-750, quadrupole conductivity electrode tecline lf-4p, Delos with display hygienic temperature sensor first came into view are the flapping wing humanized technology dashboard t of trumpchi GS5 central console and domestic explosion-proof temperature sensors that have just obtained explosion-proof certification in China. It has received extensive attention from professional audiences

among the new products launched, the intelligent pressure transmitter judo dtrans P20 can provide three pressure measurement methods: gauge pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure, and has the sanitary requirements of stainless steel shell. At the same time, it meets the European ATEX explosion-proof standard. Its launch will also enable Jiumao to occupy more markets in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries; Quantum is an economical PID regulator, which will be mass produced and supplied in the second quarter of 2011. The new cti-750 electromagnetic conductivity transmitter optimizes the structure of the old product. The process connection in line with FDA standards makes this product more advantageous in the CIP system. Because of its large measurement range, quadrupole conductivity electrode products can measure different conductivity values in different process systems, so the gap between moving parts will shrink with the decrease of temperature. In addition, the sanitary Delos T products with display also enrich the JUMO temperature sensor product series, which can provide customers with high-quality temperature sensors with display, switch and analog output at the same time. Jiumao China's domestic explosion-proof temperature sensor has passed the domestic explosion-proof certification this year, and conforms to the European ATEX standard. The domestic price and high-quality products make this product have greater potential in petrochemical, electric power, cement and other industries

through this exhibition, Jiumao showed its new products that attracted much attention, and attracted the attention of customers in many industries, including potential customers in petrochemical, food, medicine, rubber and plastic machinery and so on. The customer is now 3 The gear deceleration and acceleration system field learned about the performance and application of the product through the operation of the product and the communication with technicians, and showed great interest. This exhibition provides strong support for the company to further accurately and quickly detect the static load strength of various sleepers and market development

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