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Micro corrugated packaging has set off an upsurge

micro corrugated packaging with high packaging strength, low production cost and exquisite printing is completely available for use by more and more manufacturers. The trend of micro corrugated packaging has been set off

micro corrugated packaging is mainly used in small household appliances, alcohol, kitchen utensils and other fields. At present, this project is widely used in home appliances, wine, food and other industries. Household appliance enterprises use micro corrugated packaging, mainly using e-corrugated boxes to directly package products, or using be corrugated boxes to replace the traditional AB corrugated boxes, and the corrugated shape gradually becomes smaller

many advantages make Haier, TCL, Lenovo and other well-known domestic household appliance enterprises begin to use micro corrugated packaging. Beer plays a driving role in it, and the food industry is also eager to try this technology. Tsingtao beer, Gujing and "Kangyuan" biscuits have begun to try this technology, and they are very confident that the products can have a better sales report

while domestic micro corrugated packaging is still exploring technology and production, micro corrugated packaging has been applied to various fields abroad. In addition to making color printing packaging boxes, it is also used as a lining to replace the traditional cushioning materials, and the poster corrugated board display accounts for about 95% of the total export volume. Micro corrugated packaging has three outstanding advantages: first, offset direct printing makes micro corrugated packaging printing more exquisite and highly display. 2、 Micro corrugated board as the lining to replace the traditional cushioning material, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also can increase the compressive strength. 3、 Micro corrugated board is used to make poster corrugated board display frame, which is convenient for transportation and saves costs in 2016

micro corrugated packaging has great market potential, especially in China. With the continuous improvement of packaging grade and the continuous reduction of packaging cost required by users, more and more enterprises will use micro corrugated packaging

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