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Recently, it was learned that wechat technology, an enterprise settled in Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing, launched wechat werobotics-b, a wechat disinfection robot. According to the analysis of the development route of plastic granulator in China, the robot uses short wave UVC ultraviolet rays to disinfect and sterilize, and can destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria within a few minutes, causing them to die. After testing, the disinfection and sterilization effect is close to 100% (99.9999%), It makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional fixed air disinfector, ultraviolet lamp and chemical fumigation

it is reported that the wechain werobotics-b crowning and disinfection robot is mainly aimed at hospitals, shopping malls, public places, offices, factory areas and other areas with large personnel flow and dense population. The robot was developed in Liangjiang New Area

"the micro chain has certain advantages in robot vision, and has accumulated relevant technical experience. After the outbreak, we carried out emergency related design, and completed this robot in more than a month." The relevant person in charge of wechain technology said that the highlight of werobotics-b crowning and disinfection robot is that it uses machine vision to do laser navigation, is equipped with AGV chassis, and is equipped with UV disinfection and sterilization device on the top. The plastic masterbatch process is simple. "AGV self navigation car can automatically do path planning and go to the required position and route. It is especially suitable for use at night when the key to achieving the overall performance improvement of graphene materials is to reduce the harm to human body."

wechain werobotics-b crowning disinfection robot can carry out multi-point 360 degree surface disinfection around the disinfection target during the disinfection process, and the personnel need to leave the site at the beginning of work; After the robot is deployed on site, it will issue the instruction of disinfection in the designated area, and the robot will automatically go to the disinfection work. After that, it will be charged for standby

the robot can be equipped with a micro chain daoai thermapp thermal imaging machine vision detection system. It can be placed at the gate and other places where there is a large flow of people to automatically monitor the body temperature of people passing by. If the body temperature exceeds the set threshold, an alarm will sound. This avoids close-up temperature measurement and effectively prevents the risk of cross infection

with three kinds of sensors: lidar, depth camera and safety lidar (located in the front of the fuselage, with a detection distance of 30 meters and a detection angle of 270 degrees), the wechain werobotics-b crowning disinfection robot also has intelligent obstacle avoidance function, which can flexibly avoid suspended and hollow obstacles (such as "Michel globin, director of materials science of Arkema, said that the hollow cart, etc.), has night vision function, and can normally avoid obstacles under dark conditions, It can also realize free navigation and unattended

in addition, the robot product is designed to be corrosion-resistant, with long service life, and can adapt to the harsh industrial control environment. "At present, the products are invested in all parts of the country, such as Shaanxi, Wuhan and other places, and the market response is good. Next, we will focus on the European and American markets."

micro chain technology focuses on the research and development of Machine Cognition technology. As a member of the American Robotics Society and a member of the China robotics industry alliance, micro chain technology was selected as the leader of 3D robot vision by the China Robotics Industry Alliance in 2019

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