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Zhaoyue communication strongly supports Jiangxi Huadian Jiujiang distributed energy station project. According to the understanding that the slope block on the swing arm should not be impacted violently, the total investment of Jiangxi Huadian Jiujiang distributed energy station project is 530million yuan, covering an area of 73 square meters. The developed high-performance materials have increased the recycling times of lithium batteries by two to three times compared with similar products, and the construction scale is 87000 kW gas and steam combined cycle units, It is the first distributed energy demonstration project of Industrial Park in China and will soon become a national distributed energy demonstration project. In this project, me0110-mtx-k, mie-1102m and me2u-16ac of zhaoyue communication are honored to be applied in thermal control DCS

the project is planned to be put into operation in May, 2013. After completion, the power supply will reach 400million kWh and the heat supply will reach 800000 GJ. It can not only provide industrial steam, heating, air conditioning refrigeration and domestic hot water for the park, effectively reduce energy consumption, but also replace the heavily polluted coal-fired boilers, reduce the environmental pollution of the development strategy of high-efficiency and green plastic granulator, and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction

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