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Zhaoying Technology launched "the first BSP product with Windows Embedded CE 6.0 in Asia" ebox

China industrial control industrial control information Zhaoying Technology launched "the first BSP product with Windows Embedded CE 6.0 in Asia" ebox-2300

1. Product introduction:

ebox-2300 is a new product launched by ICOP Zhaoying technology in June this year, It integrates a voltex86200mhzsoc processor/128m memory/vga/lan/usbx3/rs232x2/cf/mic-inline-out/Minipci/ide small PC. Because it is only 115x113x35mm in size and weighs only 505g, it can be directly installed on the back of your LCD, saving you valuable space. EB (3) with the development of market economy, ox-2300 can support dos/linux/vxworks/wince/wn98 and other operating systems

II. Features and praise:

ebox-2300 is the first x86 embedded hardware platform in Asia that can support windowsembeddedce6.0 Due to the sharp cooling:

Microsoft of the United States has released windowsembeddedce6.0 on November 1, 2006, us time. Subsequently, ICOP of Taiwan and the United States released information on their website on November 5, 2006, telling new and old customers about ICOP's voltex86 series single board computer products, and the BSP supporting windowsembeddedce6.0 has been available. This BSP specially used for voltex86 illustrates this point

ebox-2300 is the only hardware platform for Microsoft to release windowsembeddedce6.0 for demonstration:

as early as September 21 this year, at the Microsoft Embedded System Teaching Seminar held by Zhaoying technology and Shanghai Tongji University, ebox-2300-jsk was used as the platform for hardware under hydrolysis. More than 100 university professors saw that more factories would establish its practicality in the future

then, at the online video presentation of Microsoft windowsembeddedce6.0 on November 1, 2006, us time, mikehall, the senior manager of Microsoft embedded operating system, was used to demonstrate the hardware platform running windowsembeddedce6.0. It was this small computer, ebox-2300-jsk

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