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Zhejiang Dingli: the company has successfully issued the high-altitude operation prospect. Zhejiang Dingli: the company has high requirements for operating experience. The company has successfully issued the high-altitude operation prospect. Recently, Zhejiang Dingli announced that the company has successfully issued the fixed increase, and the new high-end arm capacity is expected to reach the production capacity in the first 19 years of 20 years. The announcement shows that the number of additional shares to be issued is 14.4263 million, the issue price is 61.00 yuan/share, the lock-in period is 12 months, the total amount of funds raised is 880million yuan, and the net amount of funds raised is 860million yuan, all of which are used for the construction of high-end boom aerial work platforms

at the end of October, the third quarterly report of Zhejiang Dingli announced that the operating income of the company in the first three quarters was 865877313.41 yuan, an increase of 74.15% year-on-year, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 227470309.71 yuan, an increase of 70.28% year-on-year

according to the understanding of China Construction machinery trade, Zhejiang Dingli will expand the company's production capacity through this investment, and it is expected that the new production capacity of arm type will exceed 3200 units/year. At the same time, optimize the product structure of the company, make the competitive advantage of the company in the high-end aerial work platform market more prominent, and further expand the market share

in recent years, Zhejiang Dingli has made continuous breakthroughs in the strategy of visually inspecting the change of the gauge distance on the samples. It has established a Dingli European R & D center with magni, and continuously absorbed advanced technical concepts and production technology capabilities. The development of the enterprise has made great progress. While consolidating its domestic dominant position, Zhejiang Dingli has also continuously increased its efforts to expand overseas markets. At present, the products of Zhejiang Dingli company have passed the European CE safety certification of German TUV Rheinland company, the American ANSI certification, the zs1418 certification of Australian as/n electromechanical current, voltage and other parameters monitoring, the Russian cu-tr certification, and the Korean KC certification. They are exported to more than 80 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and so on. Industry insiders predict that the proportion of Zhejiang Dingli's overseas revenue in the future is expected to gradually increase from about 60% to about 70%

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