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Zhejiang Deqing Zhongguan completed 482million yuan of industrial investment in the first quarter to welcome the "good start"

in the past year, the total financial revenue of Zhongguan Town, Deqing County, Zhejiang exceeded 700million yuan for the first time, achieving a historic breakthrough. The scene of welcoming the gold award is still in front of us, and new harvest has come in a stream with the spring breeze. It is reported that in the first quarter of the past year, Zhongguan town is expected to achieve an industrial output value of 2.66 billion yuan above the designated size, a year-on-year increase of 20%; The investment in fixed assets was 650million yuan, accounting for 39% of the annual target, of which 482million yuan was invested in industry, accounting for 39% of the annual target; The fiscal revenue was 256million yuan, achieving 37.7% of the annual target, an increase of 10%, and welcoming the "good start"

behind every red report card, there is an effort to move forward step by step. Yesterday morning, he followed qiuwenhui, vice mayor of Zhongguan Town, into the project site of Zhentian (Deqing) Textile Co., Ltd. With the launch of the "spring breeze warms the enterprise" special action of clock management, the "wandering" service not only warms the enterprise, but also adds fuel to the project construction

with the roar of machine tools from the No. 1 new car room, people stopped to look, and a new intelligent production line leaped into the eyes, just like an arrow, ready to go. Panguanyu, general manager of Zhentian textile, said with a smile, "the new workshop is mainly engaged in high-tech printing and dyeing production. It has not only invested nearly RMB 50 million to purchase new machine tools, but also trained more than 200 newly recruited employees. When the production line is debugged, workshop 1 will be put into trial production, nearly one month ahead of schedule."

a good project makes the upper indenter bearing pad about 1mm from the upper end face of the sample the engine of economic development, and has developed relevant special Atlas of building structures and construction technical guidelines. Qiuwenhui said that four projects have been completed, including Zhentian textile in front of us and the introduction of three industrial high-quality projects in Zhongguan town in the first quarter. Open that thick work note, which lists the three newly signed projects, the 12 projects under negotiation and the technological transformation plans of various enterprises

"striving to be the vanguard of town level economy and the model town of overall development" is not only a slogan, but also a down-to-earth hard work. Shizhenhai, Secretary of the Party committee of Zhongguan Town, said that in order to implement all the work, Zhongguan has established a weekly regular meeting system for project promotion, explored new space for platform construction, innovated and carried out the action of "warming the enterprise in spring", and established a new pattern of enterprise improvement

"at present, the industrial situation of Zhongguan town is generally good, and the double development of the project is gratifying, which has added confidence to the development of Zhongguan economy in the new year. We should roll up our sleeves to work hard and win the first prize in both civil and military affairs." Shi Zhenhai frankly said that in addition to giving full play to its industrial advantages and doing a good job in "strength clock management", the town will also strive to do a good job in the comprehensive environmental management of small towns, the construction of beautiful towns, the co governance of five rivers, the establishment of peace and other work, strive to achieve "beautiful clock management", "ecological clock management" and "lucky clock management", and contribute to the data that Deqing County is the first to build a benchmark County of comprehensive well-off society

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