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Zhaoying Technology launched a new board VDX Series in 2010

based on years of experience in x86 SOC R & D and technology accumulation, Zhaoying Technology launched a new generation of voltex86sx SOC (cyclone 2) at the beginning of 2008. In addition to the standard pc/104, ISA half length card and 3.5-inch board card, the industrial grade single board computer designed with this chip has also launched self-defined new specifications: industrial grade 48/68/204 civil building lighting design standard GBJ 133 ⑼ 0pins dip single board computer module and tiny industrial grade single board computer module

in order to meet the application needs of customers, Zhaoying Technology launched the voltex86dx (cyclone 3) series industrial grade single board computer again at the beginning of 2009 until it was fully qualified. It is a medium and high-level single board computer running at 800 MHz frequency. At present, there are pc/104, ISA half length card, 3.5-inch board card and tiny industrial single board computer

at the beginning of 2010, Zhaoying launched a new board card vdx-6353 based on cyclone 3



basic interface:

cpu:dm P voltex86sx 300MHz/voltex86dx 800mhz

bus: Standard PC104 32-bit x-bus

bios:ami bios

system memory: 128/256mb DDR2 Memory

display: xgiz9s display chip, 32MB video memory, and support VGA TTL and LVDS LCD display

port: 10/100mbps

interface function: 44pin IDE interface x 1

lvds x 1

rs-232 serial port x 1

rs-232/422/485 serial port x 1

usb2.0 interface x 1

parallel port x 1

power supply: single DC voltage+ 5V@580mA

weight: 100g

size: 90 x 96mm

ambient temperature: be especially careful when opening doors -20 ℃ ~+70 ℃ (-40 ℃ ~+85 ℃)

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