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With the development of the broken bridge aluminum alloy door and window industry for decades, enterprises are scattered everywhere, and many broken bridge aluminum alloy door and window enterprises are getting bigger and bigger. After experiencing the unconscious seller's market of brand, with the development of real estate, the competitors in the market have sprung up like mushrooms, the balance of power between the buyer and the seller has changed sharply, and the degree of fierce competition makes people dare not slack off a little. After going through the low-level competition of price, color and style, and after-sales service, most dealers are aware of the importance of brand

in fact, a consensus has been reached to shape the core competitiveness of enterprises with brands, create the unique charm of bridge breaking aluminum alloy door and window products with brands, and open the distance with competitors with brands. But at present, what really puzzles the rapid development of enterprises may not be the problem of attitude, but more should come from not knowing how to manage and create brands. There are many theoretical boasters, but there is a lack of practical problems, methods, paths, and solutions based on existing problems. Such a situation is unfavorable to the establishment of the brand of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows

the consciousness of brand awareness and method innovation actually reflects the competition of vision and vision between enterprise bosses, and the competition of mind and wisdom. It must be recognized that with the increasingly fierce market competition and the formation of the buyer's market, China's market has shifted from the development stage dominated by quantity expansion to the competition stage dominated by quality and brand, and brand has become one of the most effective means of competition for enterprises

the excellent product quality of a successful brand is undoubtedly crucial, but at present, due to the progress of science and technology and the improvement of production efficiency, it is difficult for the product quality to have a sustainable competitive advantage because of the homogeneity of products and the accelerating speed of upgrading. To achieve customer satisfaction and gain differentiated competitive advantage, we must provide more value beyond the core products. Endow products with the deepest or maximum added value, so as to provide customers with the most powerful reason for consumption

Angel doors and windows believes that in the era of quality is king, brand is a sharp weapon for an enterprise to open the market, and it is also the guarantee of quality for consumers. The added value that the brand can bring is immeasurable. Whether the broken bridge aluminum alloy door and window enterprises can have core competitiveness depends entirely on the brand. Brand building is an essential part of the management of the broken bridge aluminum alloy door and window enterprises


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