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Many friends who buy a house for the first time still have a shallow understanding of the house type. Some home buyers don't even know what a well sold duplex building looks like. Today, Xiaobian will introduce what a duplex building is and how it should be decorated from the perspective of the taboo of duplex building decoration

first, what is a duplex building

a duplex building, also known as a two-story, duplex house. The actual house type is two floors. The lower floor is a standard commercial house type, and the upper floor will be different according to the design of the opening business. There will be a staircase connecting up and down between the two floors. There is a concept that we should be clear about, that is, in the calculation of real estate area, two floors are cost-effective, but the public area from the first floor to the top of the second floor is included in the area of the first floor

II. Taboos in the decoration of duplex buildings

1. Avoid stairs through the hall

the stairs of duplex buildings are the passage connecting the two floors. The meaning of stair passage is that the stair is designed in or near the living room, which is the so-called “ Hall ”. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it will directly affect the feng shui of the whole house, affect the official and financial fortunes, and it is easy to cause physical discomfort after living for a long time

2. Don't accept gas

between the two floors of the duplex building, we must maintain good air circulation. In other words, there is a good circulation between the upper and lower floors. With air circulation, there will be no sultry situation on the second floor. It is suggested that the design of the second floor should not be too complex, otherwise it will affect the suction and absorption of the duplex building

3. Avoid installing fans or air conditioners in the porch.

installing fans or empty ceilings in the porch at the entrance, whether it is duplex buildings, villas, or other commercial houses, will have a bad impact on financial fortunes. According to feng shui theory, the good luck or wealth brought by entering the door is blown out by the air conditioner and fan before entering the house through the porch. The whole house will show a phenomenon of money leakage

3. Avoid making beds on windowsills

in the decoration of duplex buildings, we often encounter the situation that the room is relatively small, and some owners will change the bay window into a bed, thereby increasing the area of the bed, which is a wrong design. Because if you are too close to the window, it will directly affect the quality of sleep, such as strong light, lightning, rainstorm will make your sleep more uncomfortable

4. Do not use fierce decorations

some duplex buildings are small and medium-sized, which must not be hung with fierce decorations or decorative paintings. Many owners think this is personality, but it is not. This practice is against home feng shui and is not conducive to the development of the cause

article summary: the above is all about the taboos of duplex building decoration and what is duplex building. After reading, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the duplex building. If you buy a duplex apartment, I hope these taboos can help you in the decoration




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