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(camellus, outdoor building materials for high-end villas) there are many problems that should be paid attention to in the construction of sunshine houses, especially for friends in the North! 6 installation precautions 1. Safety. In some cities in the north, many main spans are made of stainless steel, and the thickness bearing pressure of stainless steel square tubes is very small at present

sunshine room Generally, it is on the roof or on the ground. We can ignore the sunshine house built on the ground first. But the sunshine house built on the roof has one drawback: the problem of lightning. So how should the sunshine room on the roof be protected against lightning

first of all, we should understand that the lightning protection device of the sunshine room usually has three parts: lightning arrester, downlead and grounding device

under normal circumstances, lightning rods, lightning strips, lightning wires, lightning nets or metal objects are used as lightning arresters to receive lightning current, and then lead it to the grounding device buried in the ground for dissipation through the metal conductor as the downlead, and then discharge it to the ground

and in the sunshine room In the lightning protection design of, we should make full use of the following devices, connect them into a lightning protection whole, and quickly transmit the huge lightning energy obtained by the sunshine room to the underground through the object grounding system, so as to protect the sunshine room from lightning damage

the design of the high-rise sunshine room must have lightning protection (there are lightning protection grooves and lightning rods at the edge and the highest part of the sunshine room), and the lightning protection of the sunshine room is effectively connected with the lightning protection network of the main structure (the stainless steel water tank can be used to solve the lightning protection of the sunshine room and organize drainage); Connect the lightning rod and lightning protection facilities of the whole building to ensure safety





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