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Fang houming, the designer who went to Japan with the Casaro brigade, also participated in this study tour in Italy. At the successful conclusion of this trip, we specially interviewed designer Fang houming

Milan, Venice, Rome... Every name can evoke people's reverie about art. Just this April, the Casaro crisscross design brigade arrived in Italy, which is famous for art and fashion, and launched a 9-day artistic freehand brushwork tour for it

designer Fang houming, who previously went to Japan with the Casaro brigade, also participated in this study tour in Italy. At the successful conclusion of this trip, we specially interviewed designer Fang houming

Fang houming

landscape space decoration (chief designer and design director)

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Design speech

get rid of the complexity, return to simplicity, and enter the world. With a rigorous attitude, art and life will be perfectly harmonious

this country is a work of art

when we enter Italian cities, it is like entering the middle ages. There is a slow pace of exquisite life here, just like gondola swaying in the Venice waterway, which makes people calm down and think. After visiting Venice, Fang houming recalled, "the city here has a great sense of culture. You can find masterpieces left by past or present artists and designers everywhere. Walking in such a city, it seems that you can encounter new design inspiration anytime and anywhere, and every corner may trigger a game of design ideas."

designer Fang houming in Venice

here are classics that can't be changed by simplicity.

the modern style rising from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century has completely changed the ecology of art and design. Simplification, innovation and personality seem to become symbols of design. However, at this Milan exhibition, we still see many classic and cultural elements, which integrate the creativity of designers and glow with new forms and connotations

Fang houming said about the harvest of this study tour: "this trip to Italy has yielded a lot, especially in Milan. I saw many peripheral exhibitions and met many new design concepts. The design here is not limited by style and normality. Whether it is classic, modern, or the image of life, it can become the blueprint of creation."

designer Fang houming's Italian design in Prada Art Center is a symbol of attitude

in addition to Milan exhibition, during the trip of the Italian station, the Casaro brigade also visited the exhibition halls and product designs of many luxury brands, and communicated with internationally renowned design agencies. "From their works and words, we can see a professional and rigorous designer attitude."

"design should not be a formalism", Fang houming concluded, "it is very simple to enjoy your own works, but to integrate aesthetics and life through design requires extensive experience and advanced technology, so that customers can reach" spiritual enjoyment "from" material satisfaction ", which is exactly the responsibility and value of designers."

designer Fang houming has successfully returned from the Italian station of Casaro's world design tour in the Fendi furniture exhibition hall. The dazzling exhibitions and artistic and poetic Italian style left a deep impression on the tour group and gained rich inspiration. Next, the Casaro brigade will set out to Japan, South Korea, Thailand and other countries to pay attention to the design journey of Casaro across the world. Let's move forward together and explore more possibilities of design




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