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Home decoration is a very mental and physical matter. There are too many things to consider. What will you consider except the material of a seemingly simple wooden door

home decoration is a very mental and physical matter. There are too many things to consider. What else would you consider except the material of a seemingly simple wooden door? Of course, we should also consider the style. Choosing a good wooden door brand will add icing on the cake; If you choose a bad wooden door brand, you will paint the snake to the foot

as the "Facade" of home, whether it is an entry door or an indoor door, the shape of the wooden door must be consistent with the home style, and the style and style of each door must also correspond. Here, Xindi home Meimu door gives you some suggestions:

1. The entry door should not only consider security and theft prevention, but also consider beauty and practicality. Most people like to choose solid and thick solid wood doors with decorative effects. The most common styles of wooden doors are Chinese style, European style and simple style. If the decoration of home is European style, wooden doors with arc and vortex lines should also be selected; If it is a simple style home, try to choose wooden doors with horizontal and vertical lines and simple decoration

2. Most hall and living room doors adopt double leaf, push-pull or folding door types, and their styles are all glass door types divided by square format. This door type takes up a small and convenient space area, and has the characteristics of simplicity, lightness, transparency and brightness

3. The bedroom door should be a warm, natural and elegant solid wood door type. This kind of door gives the owner a quiet and safe feeling, or the Japanese style door with square format and opaque glass is also more popular and practical

4. The study door should be designed with a beautiful, simple and elegant semi Glass Oval door or an ancient window edge pattern, which can produce the effect of antique scholarly disciples and cultural colors

5. The kitchen door should choose sandblasting, frosted pattern, semi transparent half glass door, and the bathroom door should adopt a unique full solid wood door to give people a sense of privacy and security, or the upper half glass door type with full frosted treatment can give people a sense of quiet. The door of the storage room should be xindijia Meimu door with good air permeability

6. Balcony doors and balcony doors should adopt all glass doors with good lighting and high transparency, so that the balcony can absorb more sunlight and the light of the room is better

when buying a wooden door brand, we should consider the overall design of the room, and don't add superfluous details to make it self defeating. For example, those with straight lintels on the door use straight lintels, and those with arc lintels use arc lintels. The size, height and width of the door, the height of the lock position and the shape of the door lock are also coordinated as much as possible. At the same time, the wood of the door can be selected according to the characteristics of the room and the wood of the furniture used, which will make the home more harmonious and warm





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