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A set of desks and chairs, round a child's dream! Across mountains and rivers, driving through rough mountain roads. Ruyushui desks and chairs parts and public welfare team arrived at Xinhua primary school in mercury village, Mugua town

Xinhua primary school belongs to the most remote village in Mugua town

it is more than 300 kilometers away from the provincial capital of Guiyang and 100 kilometers away from Tongzi County

it takes 16 kilometers of rural roads to come to the school from Mugua town

it also needs to walk 1.5 kilometers of rugged and muddy mountain roads

some desks and stools in the school were added at the beginning of the new century during the general education and ninth grade period

they have been used for 15 years or more, and most of them are seriously damaged

dilapidated desks chairs The crude cement table tennis table

Xinhua primary school is located on the top of the mountain

serving mercury village and Shihua Village (a class of poor villages)

in fact, it was almost cancelled a few years ago. Once cancelled, primary school students must walk two hours a day down the mountain

later, after applying, the Education Bureau agreed to retain it, but did not provide any resources

ground hardening, basketball stands, wall painting The electronic screen

is a set of desks and chairs donated by local public welfare people from all walks of life, fulfilling children's dream

across thousands of mountains and rivers, driving through rough mountain roads

Ruyu Deshui desks and chairs parts and public welfare team arrived

the first public welfare stop of Fish Diving in 2018

Xinhua primary school, mercury village, Mugua Town, Tongzi County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province

the schedule of the public welfare team was very tight

rushed to the place overnight, After setting up a tent and settling down,

in the morning of the next day, desks and chairs were assembled with screws and plates.

simple children came to help actively one by one.

poor children took charge of their homes early.

the flowers of the motherland are still firmly blooming in remote mountainous areas.

such as Yu de Shui Tongzi franchise store, president Zhang

and local public welfare people also rushed to school very early.

move desks and chairs with Ruyu Deshui Distribute school supplies

tie red scarves for students

students also help us tie bright red scarves

(such as the chairman of Yu de Shui week)

(president Zhang of Tongzi exclusive store is tying red scarves for primary school students)

accompany children to jump rope, draw pictures, and print fingerprints

public spirited people are seriously talking to students about the lessons

life is hard, and the children's vision for the future has not been polished away

the children there are full of enthusiasm

full of desire for knowledge and exploration of the unknown world

2018 is like a duck to water diving public welfare, we are on the way

next stop, see you or leave

information providing window for primary schools in poor mountainous areas:

this wechat platform: Ruyu Deshui overall soft installation background message

Consultation phone of the Fish Diving plan: 0571-22916827 ext. 3

microblogging platform of the Fish Diving plan: Hangzhou Ruyu Deshui overall soft installation





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