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On March 21, as the largest one-stop full house customization platform in Asia, China International Construction Trade Expo (Shanghai) officially opened, and Sampo came on stage with high-end system doors and windows

on March 21, as the largest one-stop full house customization platform in Asia, China International Construction Trade Expo (Shanghai) officially opened. This is a high-end industry event, with brand enterprises participating in the event, giving full play to the charm of the architectural decoration industry. Sampo came to the scene with high-end system doors and windows

Shanghai is a modern city and a city of quality. From the Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Chinese Western style "World Architecture Exhibition Group", to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Tower and Shanghai center building. The architectural art of different styles in the same space shows the artistic taste of the city. The four leaf clover in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center is also in this artistic atmosphere. In booth 2.1f206 of hall 2 of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, Senpu system doors and windows interpret the beauty of door and window quality in a professional way

Senpu exhibition hall, distinctive style

Senpu doors and windows exhibition hall has always been distinctive and unique. At this exhibition, the simple and atmospheric appearance is perfectly integrated with the door and window exhibits

beauty of technology, quality style

Senpu doors and windows all the door and window products displayed in this Construction Expo are specially customized according to the design of the exhibition hall. Only customization can produce high-quality system doors and windows that are most suitable for architectural style and consumer needs

the Berlin series of products after the comprehensive upgrading of Semp's design process this year appeared at the Shanghai Construction Expo as a key component of system doors and windows. This series of products is based on the bingchengde system door and window technology, while adapting to the characteristics of Chinese architecture and national living habits, and well meets the needs of Chinese consumers for high-performance system doors and windows. In addition to solving the basic functions of building doors and windows, such as lighting, ventilation, rain proof and so on, the Berlin series products after the process upgrading have better sound insulation, heat insulation, air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance, and are more durable. They are high-performance system doors and windows that are more suitable for Chinese families

together with Berlin series products, there are cologne series, nuren series, Bonn series and Hannover series products, which show the strong technical R & D strength and process iterative improvement ability of Semp

system doors and windows win the future

the beauty of technology distributed by products makes more families choose Senpu system doors and windows. We adhere to the principle of "building a home with high quality and building a dream with ingenuity" "From the beginning of the establishment of the brand, the concept of" systematic doors and windows "has been positioned. Not all doors and windows are called systematic doors and windows. In order to adapt to the climate differences in different regions of China and the living habits of the people, Sampo has carried out a large number of research and development and product testing of door and window systems, and constantly improved and upgraded; at the same time, Sampo has chosen the world's first-class door and window component suppliers, and has strictly carried out material procurement and quality control in accordance with European standards, so as to have today's exquisite quality and experience Comfortable system doors and windows. Senpu's ingenuity lies in using the door and window system technology to improve the comprehensive performance of the building, create a more comfortable living environment, and work with users to create the quality of space life

technology is the soul and quality is the root. This is the door and window of Senpu system. To experience the beauty of technology and quality of Sampo, you will be in the Sampo exhibition hall of Shanghai Construction Expo. Senpu doors and windows is looking forward to sharing the future development of system doors and windows with friends in the home industry and door and window dealers

March 21, 2018 - March 23, 2018

Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center

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