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Check point launched a new research platform and released the mid year network attack trend report

shocking is that so far in 2017, nearly 25% of the world's organizations have been affected by roughted malicious advertising network attacks

check point, the world's largest security focused solution provider, Israel jetbank Security Software Technology Co., Ltd., recently launched a new platform, check point research, Provide network threat intelligence information to the larger community. The check point research platform can inform the threat intelligence community of the original research of check point, the latest trends in the field of network security and the relevant details of the current threat situation

while launching a new research platform, check point also released "check point network attack trends: mid year report". Based on the threat intelligence data of check point threatcloud world network threat map from January to June 2017, the report comprehensively introduces the current situation of malware in major threat categories such as ransomware, banking and mobile

surprisingly, the study found that in the first half of 2017, 23.5% of organizations were affected by roughted malicious advertising attacks, and 19.7% of organizations were affected by fireball malware. In addition, compared with the same period last year, extortion software attacks in the Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) almost doubled

the report highlights some key trends in this period:

variation of adware: fireball Malware with reliable quality has led to a major change in our policy of intercepting adware, especially those owned by large organizations that seem legitimate. At the same time, the mobile advertising software botnet is also continuing to expand and dominate the territory of mobile malware

cyber attack weapons of the nation-state: the leakage and subsequent availability of important hacker tools, zero day vulnerabilities, security vulnerabilities and attack methods of the nation-state enable any potential hacker to carry out complex attacks now

macro based downloaders continue to evolve: in the past six months, we have detected new ways to exploit Microsoft office file vulnerabilities, which has also given confidence to CISRI and its many research institutions and R & D personnel. These methods no longer require victims to open the door to attackers by enabling macros

a batch of new bank malware emerged: network criminals combined open-source bank malware code with complex confusion technology, successfully bypassing protection measures again and again, making it difficult to detect

the number of ransomware surged: in the first half of 2017, the Americas 4. There is high heat resistance. The proportion of ransomware attacks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia Pacific region almost doubled compared with the first half of 2016, from an average of 26% of the three major types of attacks worldwide to 48%

c operational factors affecting impact intensity: Maya Horowitz, manager of heck point threat intelligence team, said: organizations are striving to effectively resist the large number of threats they are facing now. Hackers make malware more advanced, which greatly increases the ability of non-technical hackers to cause damage. Various network threats are prevalent, but many organizations still do not take correct security measures, only pay attention to detection methods, and do not implement proactive prevention solutions that can prevent attacks in advance

check point research team strives to keep hackers out by collecting and analyzing the global network attack data stored in check point thread cloud. Materials released by check point research, such as the network attack trend report, can promote dialogue around new network threats, trends, and other security related insights. Check point research aims to become a powerful resource for organizations to help them better understand the threat situation and protect themselves from cyber threats

check point Israel jabbang Security Software Technology Co., Ltd.

check point Israel jabbang Security Software Technology Co., Ltd. () is the world's largest security focused solution provider, providing industry-leading solutions to customers from all walks of life to resist malware and various threats. Check point provides a full range of security solutions, including security protection from enterprise networks to mobile devices, as well as the most comprehensive and visual security management solutions. Check point now provides security protection for more than 100000 organizations of different sizes

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