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China is the world's largest tobacco producer, with an annual output of 34.45 million cartons. Most of these cigarettes are packed in cartons, and the paper types mainly include white cardboard, whiteboard, coated paper and aluminum foil. If the annual sales volume of the above four types of paper is calculated by 34 million large boxes and 50% of the soft and hard boxes respectively in China: 490000 tons of white cardboard, 300000 tons of white paperboard, and 48000 tons of paper and 105000 tons of aluminum foil paper needed by the major online ordering platforms of copper plate to complete the ordering volume of 40 million lunch boxes (14.6 billion lunch boxes a year) in one day

in recent years, the development momentum of hard box packaging is strong, so the consumption of white cardboard continues to grow. The wide use of aluminum foil paper shows strong Chinese characteristics. Whether it is hard or soft package, whether it is first-class or second-class cigarettes, or low-grade fourth or fifth class cigarettes, gorgeous and high-cost aluminum foil paper is used. The occurrence of this phenomenon has greatly promoted the development of China's aluminum foil production enterprises. Although this result, to a certain extent, symbolizes the spread of the phenomenon of "over packaging" of cigarette packs, it also makes the massiness and elegance of Chinese cigarettes incisively and vividly displayed, which makes the world's cigarette pack field take a new look

what are the types and standards of commonly used paper for cigarette packs

white paperboard

white paperboard is a kind of thick paper with strong and heavy weight. Because the surface is not colored, it is often called white cardboard

the white cardboard in China is divided into three grades: A, B and C. The whiteness of Grade A shall not be less than 92%; Grade B is not less than 87%; Grade C shall not be less than 82%

the raw material of white cardboard is 100% bleached chemical wood paddle, of which the best is bleached softwood sulfate paddle, or combined with partially bleached hardwood sulfate paddle

white cardboard for cigarette packs requires high stiffness, burst resistance, smoothness and whiteness. The paper surface shall be flat and free from streaks, spots, bumps, warps and deformation. Because cigarette packs are made of white cardboard. It mainly uses web high-speed gravure printing machine to print, so it has high requirements for the tension resistance index of white cardboard. Tension resistance is also called tensile strength or tensile strength, which means the maximum tension that the paper can bear when it breaks, expressed in kn/m. When the high-speed gravure press starts, it needs to drag the paper roll, and it also needs to bear a large tension when printing at high speed. If the paper is often broken, it is bound to cause frequent downtime, reduce work efficiency, and increase the loss of paper

there are two types of white cardboard for cigarette packs, one is FBB (yellow core white card) and the other is SBS (white core white card). Both FBB and SBS used for cigarette packs are single-sided coated white cardboard. FBB is composed of three layers of pulp, with Kraft wood pulp for the surface and bottom layer and chemical mechanical ground wood pulp for the core layer. The front (printing surface) is a coating layer, which is coated with a scraper twice or three times, and there is no coating layer on the back. As the chemical mechanical ground wood pulp is used in the middle layer, the pulp yield of this kind of wood pulp is high (85% - 90%), and the production cost is relatively low. Therefore, the price of FBB paperboard made is also relatively low. This kind of pulp has more long fibers, fewer fine fibers and fiber bundles, and the thickness of the paper is good. Therefore, FBB with the same gram weight is much thicker than SBS. SBS is usually composed of three layers of pulp, and bleached kraft wood pulp is used for the surface layer, core layer and bottom layer. The front (printing surface) is a coating layer, which is also coated with two or three times of scraper like FBB, and there is no coating layer on the back. Because bleached kraft wood pulp is also used in the core layer, which has a high whiteness, it is called white core white card. At the same time, the pulp fiber is small, the tightness of the paper is large, and the thickness of SBS is much thinner than that of FBB with the same gram weight. For example, the thickness of 230g/m2 FBB of Hongta Renheng is 320 μ m. The thickness of 230g/m2 SBS is 295 μ m。

single sided whiteboard

single sided whiteboard was also referred to as whiteboard in the past. The front quality of single-sided whiteboard must be white and flat, with tight organization and relatively high stiffness. How to choose a reliable data tension machine? The data tension machine can test the stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, two-point extension (additional extensometer is required) of various metal and non-metallic materials. It is not easy to Fuzze when printing, and has small flexibility and deformation, which is suitable for chromatic printing. At the same time, it should also have good folding resistance to ensure that the indentation line is straight when cutting the indentation, and the edge line will not cause the paper to break

single sided white board is composed of multiple layers of paper, and each layer requires several sizes of different quality. Superior bleached kraft wood pulp is used on the front (printing surface), low-grade waste pulp, straw pulp or knot pulp is used on the middle core, and medium reed pulp, waste pulp, etc. is used on the back

in order to improve the grade of single-sided whiteboard and make the front of whiteboard have higher smoothness and gloss, the finished product produced by coating processing in the machine is called single-sided Coated Whiteboard. The quality of the front side of single-sided Coated Whiteboard has been improved, while the bottom layer is the same as that of general single-sided whiteboard

because the stiffness, whiteness and die cutting indentation molding of white paperboard are much worse than that of white paperboard, it can only be used for the outer packaging of cigarette packets, that is, strip box packaging

due to the different colors on the back, there are usually two types of white paperboard: gray on the back, called white paperboard with gray background; The back is white, which is called white cardboard with white background

coated paper

coated paper is a kind of paper specially used for printing high-end works of art such as oil painting or watercolor painting in the early UK. The British call it artpaper, and the literal translation should be art paper or art paper. Since the early relief printing used "copperplate" to print fine images, people in the printing industry at that time linked the function of this paper with "copperplate", which is called copperplate paper, which means that this paper is used for copperplate printing. Over time, habit became natural, and the name of coated paper spread, and has continued until now. Therefore, the name of coated paper is not a literal translation of English artpaper

coated paper can be divided into single-sided coated paper and double-sided coated paper. According to custom, the commonly used coated paper refers to double-sided coated paper, which does not need to be specially stated, while single-sided coated paper must be explained and cannot be simplified. In addition, there are gloss coated paper, matte coated paper, grain coated paper, cloth coated paper and so on

coated paper is characterized by its white and flat surface, good smoothness and high gloss. Because the whiteness of the surface coating used is more than 90%, and the particles are very fine, and they are calendered by the super calender, the quality of coated paper is quite good. The characteristics of surface coating have a great influence on the printability of coated paper. The ink used in lithography printing is sticky. If it is not done well, it will stick and pull the wet material from the paper surface, resulting in the so-called "powder dropping" and "wool dropping" phenomena. The image on the paper printed matter is "scratchy", affecting the quality of the printed matter and causing defective products and waste products

coated paper is mainly used for soft wrapping cigarettes in cigarette packets, and 90-100g/m2 single-sided coated paper is usually used, which is referred to as single copper for short. Printing methods include gravure printing, offset printing and flexo printing. In addition to offset printing, gravure printing and flexo printing all use web single-sided coated paper. In addition to the printability of gravure printing and flexographic printing, the roll coated paper must also have good flattening, non convex and non warping after being cut into the finished cigarette label after printing, so as to ensure its normal use on the cigarette machine

because the quality of the single-sided coated paper used in cigarette packs can be preset with a high tension value, at present, there are few manufacturers that can produce qualified single-sided coated paper for cigarette labels, mainly domestic enterprises Jindong, Taiwan yongfengyu, Japan NPI, the United States virtue vishwick and so on

cast coated paper (commonly known as glass paperboard, glass coated paper)

cast coated paper is also known as high gloss coated paper, which is called chrome light or sharp faced coated paper in Taiwan. It is a kind of high-quality printing coated paper with a particularly bright surface, like a mirror. This kind of paper is first coated with plastic paint in the production process, and then hot pressed on the chrome plated dryer. Because cast contains the meaning of casting, it is translated into cast coated paper

the base paper and coating liquid used in cast coating paper are basically the same as that of coated paper, but the production process is different. After the base paper is coated, when the coating layer is still in the wet state and has plasticity, the paper surface is pressed on the internally heated chrome plated cylinder surface, and the coating layer is heated and dried to form a film under the mirror pressure state, and the plasticity of its film disappears accordingly, so that the paper falls off automatically from the cylinder surface, that is, cast coated paper

the surface of the cast coating paper has very high gloss, is also rich in fine voids, has a good absorption effect on the ink, and has good point reduction and tone reproduction, which can make the image show high definition

cast coated paper has higher gloss and smoothness than coated paper. At the same time, compared with ordinary coated paper, it has low tightness, high loose thickness, good elasticity, good inking, no powder dropping, etc. Therefore, cast coated paper can adapt to a variety of printing methods

because the selling price per ton of cast coated paper is about 30% higher than that of coated paper, cast coated paper is often used for the outer packaging of high-end products

in recent years, there are more and more cigarette packs using cast coated paper. 230g/m2 glass cards are used for hard bags, such as Huize "Little Panda", "Yipin Huangshan", "Chengdu", Century "pride", etc., and 100g/m2 glass copper plates are used for soft bags, such as "Yunyan", "Fu", etc. In addition, the base paper of high-grade aluminum foil paper should also use cast coating paper, so that the surface of aluminum foil paper can reach mirror like flatness, and the metal texture on the surface of aluminum foil paper can be more fully expressed. At present, the cast coating paper is mainly imported from Indonesia. The 230g/m2 "aviation" brand used for hard packaging is the best, and the 100g/m2 "Arcadia" brand used for soft packaging is the best

aluminum foil paper

aluminum foil paper is also called aluminized paper and aluminum spray paper, and its surface is attached with a very thin layer of metal aluminum. The cigarette bag printed with aluminum foil paper is gorgeous and exquisite. Because the commonly used colors are gold and silver with metallic luster, it conforms to the noble aesthetic psychology of Chinese tradition. At present, the vast majority of high-end cigarette packs are printed with aluminum foil

aluminum foil paper is divided into aluminum foil card paper, label paper and cigarette lining paper according to the difference of base paper. According to the different surface patterns, it is divided into: pattern holographic aluminum foil paper, plain holographic aluminum foil paper and ordinary aluminum foil paper. According to the different processing technology, it can be divided into paper plastic composite aluminum foil paper, transfer aluminum foil paper and direct plating aluminum foil paper

paper plastic composite aluminum foil paper is generally 12-20 μ M PET film is vacuum aluminized and colored, and then compounded with paperboard (glass paperboard or white paperboard) through a compounding machine. This process has both thin film and aluminum, so the cost is high. However, due to the use of high gloss pet, the effect of aluminum spraying is remarkable, and the surface gloss is bright, which shows the grade. Therefore, it is still used in some high-end cigarette packs at present. However, due to the high cost and non environmental protection, the voice of opposition is getting higher and higher, and less and less is used

transfer method is a widely used aluminum foil production process at present

because the aluminum foil layer on the surface of aluminum foil paper is evaporated under high vacuum, the large roll of cardboard or high gram weight coated paper contains high moisture and air inside the paper, which makes it difficult to vacuum and exhaust in the aluminum plating cabin, and it is not easy to achieve the high vacuum required for aluminum plating. At the same time, the discharge of a large amount of water in the paper has greatly changed the physical properties of the paper, and it is difficult to achieve the original physical indicators even after the moisture regain treatment after aluminum plating. Therefore, the direct plating method is mainly used for the production of low gram weight label paper and cigarette lining paper

the above three kinds of aluminum foil

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