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Check point announced the launch of a new generation of smartevent

check POI vigorously introduced a batch of high-end new materials professionals nt to provide unparalleled insight into network threats in the era of big data

the new generation of smartevent can develop novel polyurethane insulation materials from billions of logs in just a few seconds to identify security risks

CTI forum April 28 news (Li Wenjie) : Check Point Software Technology Co., Ltd., the world's leading provider of Internet security solutions, recently announced the launch of a new generation of smartevent, which is a new and powerful event monitoring solution that can process and store threat detection data in real time. The new generation of smartevent provides a unified view of all security threats and network components, which can provide simple management and analysis for the security of big data, and make wise security decisions faster

safety accident and incident management has become more and more complex. With the continuous emergence of a large number of device connections and content such as mobile devices, endpoints and enterprise networks, the increasing amount of data and increasing security accidents have caused the requirements of dealing with a large number of events and continuous monitoring. This requires highly customized analysis tools to monitor, quickly search and report on the enterprise IT security environment

Dorit dor, vice president of product department of check point Software Technology Co., Ltd., said: in order to take the lead in security threats, enterprises need easy-to-use and powerful event monitoring solutions, provide powerful security analysis to quickly identify and detect threats, and modify strategies according to these threats. The new generation of smart event provides simple, powerful and comprehensive event monitoring functions, including highly customized views, ultra fast event search, and reporting event results and real threats hidden in data

the main features of the new generation of smartevent include:

effective threat analysis and customized visibility: with customizable views that only display information related to your enterprise, security administrators can clearly understand security status and trends. Administrators can quickly investigate security incidents and easily associate multiple logs by using one click detailed view and free text search, so as to identify suspicious activities from a large number of messy activities. In addition, enterprises can also create rich and personalized reports for the necessary stakeholders who make safety decisions, including safety experts, network engineers and senior managers under the existing system

big data threats are detected in a few seconds: the new generation of smartevent analyzes and searches logs at an unprecedented speed and scale. Billions of logs can be analyzed every day, and hundreds of millions of logs can be searched in a few seconds. This speed and scale helps to easily access historical logs in terabytes, which is conducive to data query and compliance

the experiment found that

monitoring all security threats everywhere: the new generation of smartevent can understand events in multiple security systems in real time, including firewall, IPS, anti-virus, anti zombie, threat simulation, URL filtering, application control and other systems. Through the smartevent network portal, administrators can easily control their security situation and monitor all security threats using and tablet devices anytime, anywhere

dor concluded that although safety accidents are becoming more and more frequent and complex, ubiquitous monitoring is the key to ensuring continuous safety. With the help of the new generation of smartevent, people can comprehensively understand and control security threats and network components in a few seconds through a comprehensive and customizable view

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