Do not let packaging mislead consumers

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Don't let "packaging" mislead consumers

recently, inspection and quarantine personnel found a commodity that resembles the shape of food cheese silk during daily and regular inspections. It is very easy to be mistaken for food, whether from the packaging method of the gift box or the strawberry flavor emitted by the product. In fact, these products are hand soap that has been carefully cut and processed. At the same time, during the inspection, the staff also found disposable paper square towels in the shape of cakes and desserts. Such paper towels are folded in a special way and equipped with decorative objects in the shape of fruits, which makes it difficult for children to distinguish between true and false

it is understood that there are two reasons for the emergence of such special packaged daily necessities. First of all, on the basis of meeting the use function of the product, it can realize its beautification function, and can be decorated in any corner of the home, which is favored by consumers. Secondly, the cost of developing this kind of decorative product is low, and with novel and changeable ideas, it can stand out among similar products to ensure the cleanness of the oil circuit and obtain high sales returns. However, once these products are ingested by children by 2020, they will lead to suffocation or other adverse consequences

in this regard, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded enterprises that first, the packaging design of some consumer goods should not only fully consider whether it will cause misunderstanding among adults, but also pay attention to the inevitable deviation in children's simple cognitive ability, which should be reflected in the product and packaging design. Second, the more fancy the finished product packaging is, the better the simulation is. The appearance should be appropriate. Third, we should optimize the product packaging structure and widget control, and attach safety warning instructions to avoid being used as other functional products by consumers, especially children

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