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When starting a business, don't forget your heart. Don't work hard at Internet. Don't work hard. Brutally demolish Internet.

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core tip: "brutality" is not just a rampage without professional knowledge, but a "barbaric" approach to breaking the rules. But this is not everything

[China Packaging News] barbarism does not mean that you only know how to run amuck without professional knowledge, but that you break the rules with barbaric methods. But this is not everything

in the past, most entrepreneurs were hardworking, hardworking and inspirational. Today, entrepreneurs are very popular. They are good at making speeches. They attend various conferences and forums and participate in various TV programs like stars. They are bound to make amazing statements. Some words that are not sharp are always popping out of their words. Everyone is determined to change the world. Everyone wants to be a barbarian outside the door, Everyone has targeted a traditional industry in their PPT and vowed to subvert them

barbarians outside the door are misunderstood.

since the tide of entrepreneurship began, it seems that barbarians are everywhere. People in traditional industries are in danger, as if they were going to be destroyed in an instant. Many laymen in the Internet circle, holding the spear of Internet thinking, are confident that a traditional industry can be ended in minutes. It doesn't matter if we don't understand the professional knowledge. We have Internet thinking. We have new media we media

the barbarians outside the door have been seriously misunderstood. This barbarism does not mean that they do not know professional knowledge but only rush about, but that they use barbaric methods to break the rules. Deconstruct the past industry with an anti traditional thinking. In fact, barbarians rebuild the industrial ecology from the commanding height with more professional and advanced knowledge while ensuring the best stability and aerodynamic performance

all known are backward. In fact, the specialty of traditional industries is based on a backward knowledge system, so it will be overwhelmed by barbarians who master more professional knowledge. This process is very similar to the process in which geocentric theory is replaced by heliocentric theory, myth theory is replaced by scientific theory, or the upgrading of the industrial system centered on the steam engine to the oil and gas era, which is the disruption, upgrading and reorganization of the knowledge system

the backwardness of traditional industries is based on self-confidence in the known system. It is a deep belief in the backward knowledge in the past, and regards all advanced technologies and views as deviating from the classics and children's mischief. The entire Internet industry has developed under this background. More than 20 years ago, anyone who said that he could buy all over the world without leaving home was regarded as a daydream

the emergence of PE and VC, entrepreneurs who deviate from their original intentions, is a good thing. It enables more people with ideas and no funds to realize their dreams. However, it also brings a bad habit, that is, more and more people begin to lose their awe of entrepreneurship and focus on the supply side structural reform. When Eric was watching some recruitment programs, he often saw some young people trying to change the world with some ideas that he thought could change the world, hoping that the bosses would invest in them

more and more entrepreneurs are no longer pondering user needs and polishing products, but pondering how to do a good job in financial reporting, how to tell a story, how to create a feeling, how to make a beautiful PPT, and how to package a pleasant concept. They began to study the psychology of investors and how to arouse the interest of giants so that they could buy themselves. Even when many entrepreneurs started their businesses, they were staring at the weakness of the giants, and then waiting for the giants to buy themselves

Eric once found a common feature in the process of chatting with several entrepreneurs, that is, he didn't talk about how to make a good product at all, but thought about how to quickly make a large scale, and replication became their first pursuit. Before the first step, I began to think about how to replicate my business to the whole country

entrepreneurial projects are becoming larger and larger. Every move is to subvert the tradition, attack the country and go global. Even if a fast-food restaurant is opened, no one will open a restaurant with a full load of 20KN (3) 00kn. It is easy to hear that hundreds of restaurants will be opened in a few years

entrepreneurs with excessive packaging are very similar to wechat merchants

Eric has written many wechat articles. Among them, there is a kind of wechat merchants Eric calls pseudo wechat merchants, which can be roughly divided into two categories: one is sellers who brush the screen through explosive force, and the other is agents who focus on Ponzi games and offline development. This kind of pseudo wechat merchants have a characteristic, that is, they will package themselves by drying the list, revenue and price, giving people a very tall image

in contrast, in the current entrepreneurial market, some entrepreneurs also show such a state. Their circle of friends is the same as those of pseudo wechat merchants. They also show photos of their participation in various conferences. They often post some quotations such as Internet thinking in their circle of friends, and always package themselves by taking photos of their participation in various conferences

Eric's circle of friends often sees some entrepreneurs who can't see their products, but always see them on their way to the summit, various meetings, various forums, various learning and invitation letters for various meetings. They often see that they release information about recruiting partners. One move is hundreds of people, and some people even offer some electronic support: KONE electronics, Shanghai Mold Association, Midea, PolyOne, stauber Such slogans as sharp, Tyco Electronics and Shure electronics

the most extreme example is that the recruitment information of millions of partners is displayed before the project starts. In fact, it is a kind of transformed crowdfunding, but the whole process is very similar to MLM. When each partner develops a new partner, he or she can get rebate and equity upgrade. If there are many partners, he or she will have the opportunity to enter the shareholders' meeting, etc

this group of entrepreneurs have been pursuing subversion and pretending to be barbarians, but they never mention products to you. They are always talking about their ideals with you. Their behavior is more and more similar to that of wechat merchants in their circle of friends. From this part of entrepreneurs, we can not see the spirit of barbarians, but only the barbaric behavior

entrepreneurship should not take being acquired and listed as the ultimate goal

in fact, continuous entrepreneurs are doing venture capital, waiting for an appropriate time to cash out and leave, but paying their own time and technology. There is nothing wrong with this behavior. If the company is really worth the money, then no one is qualified to criticize it

however, more and more entrepreneurs are overestimating their value through false information and stories. Some entrepreneurs even try to transfer investors' money into their own pockets under a pretext, which is no different from fraud. The recent April incident in which the young general manager was exposed to major shareholders by employees is an extreme case

the vast majority of entrepreneurs are utilitarian, but if this utilitarianism turns into a desire for profit, what they eventually lose is their own personality. It is said that there is a blacklist in the investment circle, which records entrepreneurs with questionable reputation. The people on this list will never get the chance to invest again

it is very undesirable to lose one's own personality, reputation and even future for the sake of temporary profit. The recent outbreak of cloud vision chain and ranger car will become a sign, and the counterfeiting behavior of entrepreneurs has begun to be put on the table for discussion

under the upsurge of hot money surging all the people to start businesses, it is time for entrepreneurs to reflect all the time and find their original heart. Otherwise, sooner or later, the word "entrepreneur", which represents motivation and dream, will be stained with gray, and the name of positive energy will become a derogatory word, which everyone does not want to see

entrepreneurs should return from attending various conferences, less forums and hype, spend more time studying users' behavior and polishing their products, spend less time on overvaluation, and think more about how to do their own user cohesion

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