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Do you know all these "g-neng masters" in Tianjin

do you know all these "Glencore" in Tianjin

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"operation king, become king". The 2017 annual skill challenge for hoisting experts of XCMG hoisting machinery division, "the ring of the king of g-energy" recently won its first battle in Tianjin, the Pearl of the Bohai Sea

Tianjin is located in the northeast of the North China Plain, on the coast of the Bohai Sea, known as the Pearl of the Bohai Sea. When it comes to Tianjin, people can easily associate it with many Western-style buildings left over by history, the towering Tianjin TV Tower, the fragrant Goubuli steamed stuffed bun and the big fried dough twist on 18th Street

Tianjin scenery

but today, XCMG's g generation new products add a touch of dazzling gold to this historic city


XCMG crane

on the morning of April 16, more than 200 customer representatives gathered at Tianjin Evergrande hotel to jointly witness the first competition of "the ring of kings of g-energy giants"

before the competition, customers stopped to appreciate the new products of XCMG G. The "Limited Gold Edition" qay1200 from XCMG crane is even more like a sea fixing needle, which surprises four customers. Customers have expressed that it is "a star product worthy of being a big country's heavy equipment"

XCMG Crane "Limited Gold Edition" qay1200

the cab must be very comfortable

let me study how high it is

at 9:30 a.m., the ribbon cutting ceremony of "Glencore" officially began

the referee representative from Tianjin Faust company takes an oath

the referee representative from Tianjin Faust company takes an oath

the contestant representative takes an oath

the rules of this competition are as follows: the operator operates the XCMG g generation-1 crane, and sets the iron ring with a diameter of 50cm into the crane spare parts in front of him through a series of actions such as amplitude change and recall to avoid such errors within a specified time, The winner will be decided according to the length of time

there are a lot of spare parts for the crane. You can take away whatever is in the set.

the contestants are bound to win and swear to take the spare parts award home. Hook lifting, hook dropping, slewing and ring releasing are completed at one go. Although the wind was strong on the day of the competition, the super stability and micro motion of g generation products did not affect the normal play of the players. With the ring up and down, the players cheered and sighed, and the atmosphere was tense and pleasant

"small sample, I don't believe I can't get it"

"are you really getting it!"

moments of success

professional referee

after fierce competition, master wangshili from Binhai Dongda hoisting, with his more than ten years of hoisting experience, solid hoisting technology and stable psychological quality, was the first to enter the arena, setting a record of the day when no one challenged in 1 minute 53 seconds and won the championship

Tianjin station was established by the University of Sunderland in 2014. After the competition, when the industry interviewed Master Wang, Master Wang said excitedly: "I am very excited to win the first place today. I am also very grateful to XCMG for this activity, which provides us with a stage to express ourselves. During the competition, the wind was still very strong, and the hanging steel wire ring was very light and easy to shake. However, because XCMG crane is also very good at gbt5482 (1) 993 metal material dynamic tearing test, the method is stable, and the fretting performance is good, so it has little impact. I most like the appearance of generation g, and the lifting performance, depending on The cable is much better than before, more humanized and convenient to operate. "

other contestants also expressed their willingness to participate in this competition. They can not only experience new cars, but also compete in skills and win prizes, which can be described as killing three birds with one stone

based on customers' needs, XCMG has been serving users with high-quality products of "scientific and technological intelligence, green energy conservation, quality efficiency and ultra-high performance", helping users to climb in the hoisting industry and promoting the continuous and sound development of the industry. It has always been the responsibility and unremitting pursuit of XCMG crane as the industry leader

come on, friends! "G-energy" continues! Our stage is always open to you

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