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Do not forget to fumigate the wooden packaging of export goods since 2006, nearly 2000 batches of China's export goods have been notified abroad due to wooden packaging. The main reasons for notification are: wooden packaging with bark, carrying epidemic situation, missing signs of fumigation treatment, fumigation concentration residue exceeding the standard, fumigation signs do not meet the requirements that the test time of relaxation testing machine is generally long or the signs are not clear The container is not cleaned

it is understood that some enterprises using wooden packaging do not understand the quarantine treatment requirements for wooden packaging in foreign countries, so they take chances and are notified by foreign countries. This category is the type that has received the most notification from foreign countries about the tensile standard of exit wood packaging plastics. For example, an enterprise in Zhangjiagang did not pay enough attention to Bulgaria and puma ignite running shoes entering the EU in 2008, thinking that the consignee would not fumigate without fumigation requirements, saving some expenses. As a result, it was notified by the insurer bgr1 because it did not meet the quarantine requirements of the insurer, and could only be destroyed in the end

the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded the enterprises that at present, all major trading countries and regions have successively adopted the international standard for wood packaging (ISPM No.15) and formulated their own quarantine measures for wood packaging. Therefore, when signing foreign trade contracts, do not ignore the requirements of the importing country's government for plant quarantine, and the wood packaging must be subject to quarantine and disinfestation treatment and IPPC marks before export, The products packed with wood shall be sent to the inspection and Quarantine Bureau for consultation and quarantine treatment in advance. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the customs clearance and other information after the export of goods to ensure the smooth progress of export trade

it is understood that goods arriving in the United States may face the risk of being returned if the wooden packaging is not processed; If the wooden packaging to Australia is not processed, it will pay a high wooden packaging processing fee, which is about 10000 yuan per container

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