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“ We have been living in the community for more than a month. When can we breathe& rdquo; The day before yesterday, Ms. Wang, the owner of Fuji Xinyuan in Taijiang District, called to report that the community should have opened gas before the Spring Festival, but so far there are still more than a dozen units that have not been opened

Ms. Wang said that she had reported to the Property Office of the community many times, and the gas company had also said that it would come for testing after the Lantern Festival, but the problem has not been solved so far

Ms. Wang said that there were 13 buildings in the community, and there were more than 10 corridor units with the same problem, and hundreds of households' lives were affected

“ Our community began ventilation before the Spring Festival this year, but some risers had air leakage, so the ignition failed as scheduled& rdquo; Director Chen of Fuji Xinyuan Property Office said that seven corridors just passed the safety test on the 15th, and they have informed residents that they can contact the ignition

why does the riser leak? When will the remaining corridor units be ventilated? Yesterday, the person in charge of the customer service department of China Resources gas company called back the reporter, saying that the reason for the failure of ventilation and ignition was that some owners damaged the opposite pipe during decoration, resulting in air leakage

after investigation, Ms. Wang reported that the riser in unit 04 of building 12 could not be ventilated because it was found that the owner illegally occupied the riser during ignition and built a pool on the roof pipe. The riser in unit 02 of building 7 needs to enter the roof through the household to open the main valve of the riser when igniting, but it has not been successfully entered before

when the staff went to the community again the afternoon before yesterday, the owner of unit 04 of building 12 had rectified and removed the illegal occupation part, and unit 02 of building 7 had also been successfully settled& ldquo; Next, our staff will measure the pressure again and ventilate after eliminating the hidden dangers& rdquo; The person in charge said that at present, there are still 12 risers in Fuji Xinyuan that have not been opened. They have negotiated with the property office and will enter the site again today and tomorrow to repair the leaky risers. After the above work is completed, the ignition will be arranged one after another. (reporter: Chen ruofen)





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